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  • Touching up Fox 40 lowers
  • Have a set of old 40s that I’m goign to stick new decals on a nd clean up a bit – wondering about some of the chipped paint – would a rub of sandpaper, a spray can of primer and a spray can of matt black improve matters, or leave me with a horrible mess?

    Bump – anyone given their forks some home paintwork?

    I came here because I thought this was a thread about milfs. Disappointed.

    I can assure you that touching up foxy 40s can leave a horrible mess.


    I’d say get it done properly, although more expensive it will be worth it, it’s hard to get a good finish if you do it yourself unless you sand and then paint between each layer and do it until there are no bumps etc.

    Remember you can’t powdercoat them due to the lowers being magnesium and the temperatures weaken them.

    Yeah, not going the whole hog and doing it properly, it’ll be my own half assed effort or nothing


    I’ve done it with forks before. Take your time and loads of thin coats is my only advice.

    Turned out fine. Took ages sanding them down and making sure they were smooth


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    In all seriousness, it’s not too difficult a job if you do the preparation properly. You’ll need to remove the lowers, pop out the seals and blank off the seal ports with something. Also, you don’t want any chipped paint getting into the lowers, so once you’re done gently sanding down then give them a proper rinse out. Make sure you blank off the dropout too.

    After that, wipe down with alcohol wipes and give a light dusting of primer to help you identify any chips that need filling.

    Once you’re happy that the lowers are level and free from any irregularities then spray thin, light coats with approx an hour in between. Leave to dry (until you can’t smell paint any more) and then add a couple of coats of matt lacquer.

    MTB Rob

    Sure you can get Fox touch up paint, if you just need to sort out a few chips etc.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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