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  • Touching up a 205.
  • Take some time and T-Cut the good paint. If the flaking stuff is too much to polish out, then respray those areas in a complimentary colour (or just do carefully placed stripes a la Fiat 500/Mini/Fiesta/Ka).

    Or you could try wet n drying out the flaking stuff with a very fine grade + plenty of water with lots of washing up liquid added. You will be surprised how well it will come up.


    This bloke likes touching up old cars.


    I've got a J Peugeot 205 Turbo Diesel which I've had since I was 19 which has seen me through uni and a lot of biking trips all over the UK.

    I recently took a trip up to the Cairngorms and driving turned out to be way cheaper than taking the train or plane with the added advantage of being able to chuck in loads of bike kit in and bring back plenty of Speyside’s finest.

    2000 miles later, 3 tanks of fuel and a lot of hairy overtaking and bemused looks from German Tourists I’m back and never even had to think about calling the RAC.

    I was kind of thinking of replacing the Superpug but cannot justify it after her performance over the last two weeks.

    As common with a lot of 205’s the paint has began to fade and is starting to come off on the roof and boot. I’m not really too bothered but thought as a treat I ought to give her some TLC over the weekend for being so well behaved in the Highlands.

    Has anybody got any experience of painting/touching up old cars? The rest of the paintwork still seems to be in good nick. I’m not too bothered about what it looks like as I always enjoy the look on peoples face when then get done by an old banger.

    I was thinking about getting some hammerite spray paint and giving it a bash?

    Can anybody offer an tips or advice?



    we had 10 empty barrels of beer plus other bits in the back of the brother inlaws on sunday, there great cars.
    The paint work on his is looking scruffy but so does he.


    Thanks mastiles_fanylion but I tried T-cut and it's well past it unfortunately 🙁

    And yes luke, it's amazing what you can get in the back of a 205 😉

    its not easy to do a nice job with big patches

    cars have gloss layers on top of the paint…to really do a nice respray this needs to be removed and put back on afterwards…
    i have an 8.5 yr old diesel clio with 96k miles on it…it still zooms up the motorway at the same speed as the fat men in suits in thier audi's…and it goes of roading too…the french biuld suprisingly tough cars.


    Not tough enough to withstand writing off a corsa, I'm afraid:


    Go on I dare ya!


    If you love the car (or are emotionally attached to it) get it properly re-sprayed. Otherwise don't bother.


    Agree with the above..have it done properly or not at all. Patching it isn't going to prolong its life at all and you've already said you don't care what it looks like.

    I'd leave it as it is and just carry on enjoying it.

    Andy (owner of MkII Golf 16v GTI he's spent way too much money keeping nice over the last nine years)


    Hairychested and dooosuk you make a good point. I just thought I would look into it and see what my options were.

    Started looking on some 205 forums which was a fairly dangerous move. They seem to offer up some paint codes to get it mixed up in somewhere like halfords etc.

    Tankslapper – Tempted to go the whole hog and paint a wolf and mountain scene – a la trailer park hick ville T-shirt style on the roof. Would give HGV drivers a chuckle, come to think of it, it would give anybody over 5'3" a giggle.

    Will look into it over the weekend but most likely I will just end up going out on my bike and drinking cyder til I cannot feel my feet.


    I went to see my friendly local garage last night and they suggested trialling a patch with some lacquer which I should be able to pick up fairly cheaply.

    Might have a go at this before I start on the Wolf Motif.

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