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  • Total Knee Replacement – Anyone had one, know someone who has?
  • [wca]This is from my wife, not me, so please be nice.[/wca]

    I have been told I need a knee replacement. I have Googled it but want to know from people who have actually gone through it and from people who know people who have gone through it. The doctors have tried an arthoscopy to improve it but this has made the situation worse and said I need a total knee replacement when I feel ready for it.

    I have spent the last two months in considerable pain unable to do anything more than sit on the sofa. This means I now think I need to have the operation, possibly before Christmas, but am worried about the recovery time and likely end results. Given the current pain I don’t have a choice about the operation but want to know what other people who have had it done have gone through.

    Thoughts feedback and comments please


    My dad had one aged 61 and was I imagine somewhat older than Mrs WCA.He said afterwards that he wished he had done something about it years ago such was the improvement.His leg was well wonky though.


    Not had one done myself but when I asked my consultant about it (i have arthritis in both knees) his response was that he wouldn’t have it done if he was offered it.
    If you are reasonably active then they can last as little as five years and subsequent replacements are much more difficult and carry a far higher risk of complications.


    I know 3 people…

    My Grandad – had both his done at about 85, perfect, was walking around in no time, happy as larry….

    Good mates dad, had one done, again no problem, out playing golf again very soon after the op and all good.

    Then my mum’s – nightmare, operated on 3 times, out of theatre, straight in again the next day, then again a week later. Infections and other problems mean that she’s one of the un-lucky ones. The first consultant was an arrogant git who wouldn’t give her any time, she was in absolute agony (and my mum is one of the hardest people I know!), second consultant was shocked at the state of her knee. Physio at first was useless, pushed her far too hard and caused permanent damage, she got a good one and that helped a lot. She’s still in a lot of pain (7 years on) but can walk on it. Her other knee needs replacing but she wont do it.

    When it works its fantastic, and brings a new lease of life to the patients, my mum was the unlucky one, but not sure if she’d be any better off now if she hadn’t done it?


    Mrs WCA – Mrs m0rk is on the list, following a successful total hip replacement earlier this year (at 33)

    She’s due in later this month, and is “looking forward” to it, in a roundabout way. Based on her hip, the pain was immediately gone, but replaced with postoperative pain instead. Better than bone on bone grinding away anyway

    I think you’re pretty close by (IIRC, you’re a scummer :)) so if you want to get in touch for a ‘hands on’ answer, she’s fine with that. Even more so, if you can suffer coming to Portsmouth and can use her surgeon, he’s one of the the best, and specialises in replacements for young ‘uns

    Hello M.
    I know someone who has had both done. He works for IVB on the Farmers Market side of things . Was a keen skier for years and thats what did it for him.
    If you are not in urgent need of a 1st hand experience and can wait 2 weeks he will be in Winchester of a Sunday morning.
    I can let him know if are going to pop up for a chat . He is 70 but very switched on.

    Do Not Watch the Op on Youtube , apparently its fairly agressive. Let Nick watch it.


    My uncle had a replacement knee at 50 as his original was riddled with cancer. Possibly triggered by a motorbike crash many years earlier. Luckily they cut it all out . He had a slight issue with the joint moving in the shin, but seems absolutely fine after a small op to resecure it..
    Mother in law has just had one done. Was and still is very uncomfortable. Got an infection, but is getting better slowly ( she’s later 60’s) Cause by squash playing for most of her early to middle life. Other knee needs doing too, but nervous on the recovery time after this. Very sore and swollen 2 weeks in.
    Just saying it as it is, to be honest, but know it will be far better than the discomfort she had before the op.

    Premier Icon lunge

    My old man had one, he’s 60. He was expecting all kinds of trouble and had none at all. From not being able to walk for more than 10 mins he can walk for an hour or 2 quite happily and recently completed Brum to Oxford on his bike.

    He was in pain for a week or 2 and still gets the odd ache or 2 now (2 years on) but compared to what it was it is night and day. His other one needs doing as well, he can’t wait.


    Not had one myself, but I occasionally work with a guy at our local council who has just had both knees replaced with titanium ones. Says he wishes he’d had it done sooner, is now living entirely without pain and without having to take any painkillers. Only downside is the extra paperwork required to get through international airports…

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