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  • Torridon, not exactly what we had in mind.
  • Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    You’re right, it’s probably entirely down to the time of year. Did the same route last june, the climb from coulags bothy up to the loch was rideable up to the last wee bit, possibly 20 mins pushing?.

    The descent down through Coire Lair to Achnashellach is an absolute scream!.

    Going back again this June, Can’t wait.

    Hard luck, we (me and Robgarrioch) did it last May, even then there were a couple of boggy bits, but I definitely wouldn’t call it purgatory.

    Kudos for visiting the wilder trails at this time of year though, I aim for the May/September windows of opportunity and leave them well alone most of the rest of the time!

    So I take it that you wont be back then?

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Just as Kenny Wilson would have wanted it…

    Ah well. Did a loop from Annat/Loch Damh/Glashnock/Tullich/Coulags/Loch An Eion/Annat. 27 miles of which approximately 14 were pushing. The hike-a-bike from Coulags to Loch An Eion is definately NOT worth the d/h to Annat.
    Ok, so we went at a bad time, what with after all the snow melt & rain it was an absolute bog-fest with very little in discernable tracks between the South end of Loch Damh & Tullich. Unfortunately we didn’t have the option of going any other time this year.
    There’s doing a ride & it being an ‘epic’, & there’s doing a ride & it being ‘purgatory’. That was the latter.

    Premier Icon billyboy

    Did Coulags to Annat on a fine September day last year. The climb was hike-a-bike for the most part although two lads behind me were making a passable go at it on their bikes.

    I thought the down to Annat was brilliant, especialy the slick rock bits. I have to admit to walking bits because I was on my own, I’m not the most skilled rider, and I figure why ruin a good day out by breaking a limb or worse?

    Maybe it was because it was totaly clear and the wonder of the Torridon hills vamped it up for me!!!!

    Most Kenny Wilson routes I’ve done have been hike-a-bikes, this wasn’t too bad.

    Heather Bash

    Beware the dotted line 😉

    The route to Tullich is indeed sh1t but I’ve pushed over far worse. Haven’t a clue what you’re on about on the other section.

    Agree with 13th FM. Dont mind driving up there in midsummer and taking a punt on dry trails with the sun overhead but what did you expect at this time of year?

    Premier Icon Gordymac

    Torridon, Not exactly the best route you took there 🙁

    Next time you are planning it give me a shout and I’ll show you what we think is the best route 😉


    As I said, we probly did it at the wrong time but due to shift work & other commitments, this was it, now or never (this year at least & we’d already called off last year cos of a sh!te forecast)
    I’ve also pushed over far worse, just not for as long.

    So I take it that you wont be back then?
    Don’t think I actually said that &, never say never.
    In the words of Arnie….’I’ll be back’ But I’ll speak to Gordymack first!


    Friday 18th March 2011

    Loch an Eoin – in the Highlands, with snow, it’s what you get at this time of year


    Oi Mr nobeerinthefridge, there will be no catching you this year on your new bike and I expect you to be passing Big JC on the descents. He came out with us last night, not bad considering its only 3 weeks since his broken shoulder

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    Hey, to be fair to Kenny Wilson’s route guides, he can actually ride them. I’ve watched in admiration and envy as he’s disappeared into the distance on a fully rigid singlespeed whilst I and the rest of the group have flapped and flailed about on everything from superlight XC hardtails to full-sus wonder bikes. 😳

    Also, as someone else pointed out, May is probably the best time to hit this route… least I hope so. A bunch of us are going up there in mid-May to ride it! 😆


    Premier Icon Gordymac

    Sunday 6th March 2011- Slightly further round from the picture above.

    Not wanting to rub it in but Sunday 6th March was the driest we have ever experienced in Torridon. You win some you lose some.



    Same day, Loch Coire Fionnaraich when the sun shined briefly

    Last year in May, no snow (or Midges)

    I have to say that the ride down to Annat is worth the slog up to Bealach na Lice in my opinion


    Do whatever you can to go back when it is like this (Ie. June) Suuuuuuperb


    I did it last Oct when it was a bit damp but not totally gopping.

    Ended up pushing about 50% of the climb from Coulags and was really starting to think that it couldn’t be worth it near the top. Saw what I thought was a really big buzzard come in and land about 15m away from me. When it took off again I realised I was actually just 15m away from a Golden Eagle.

    That, and the descent down to Annat made it worthwhile for me.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    I expect you to be passing Big JC on the descents.

    That’s just bloody stupid!

    He came out with us last night, not bad considering its only 3 weeks since his broken shoulder

    Superb, hope didn’t drink his beer, or eat his sweeties!?

    Shame you didnt enjoy the ride. We did it in a group of 5 in May 2009 one of my fav rides of all time. The route was all pretty much rideable from Coulags up past the bothy to where it steepens for the corie. I thought the decent back down to Torridon was well worth the effort. Would try to wait a little so the worst of the melt water was gone.

    Wet? Oh it was wet alright. Wetter than ‘wet’ Jack McWet from Wetsville’s beavers arse!
    Nearly took up bog snorkelling while we were there.
    I’ll post the 3 photo’s I could be arsed to take, tomorrow.


    think of it as “character building”

    Premier Icon RRD

    I believe the standard reply in STW style.



    Judging by the amount of rain drains across that track it would appear wet it is 😀

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