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  • Marko

    All torque wrenches only tend to make a distinct ‘click’ on the higher settings. You should still be able to ‘feel’ it though.

    BTW ignore the upper an lower limits on any torque wrench – your’s will be spot on between 6-20 Nm (approximately).


    I have the same one. It’s almost inaudible at 2NM and gets steadily louder at normal settings. As Marko says, you can still “feel” it even at 2.


    OK, cheers chaps will give it a go tonight and see if I can feel the click 😉


    Numpty torque wrench question before I send it back.

    Purchased a Sealey STW1012 2-24Nm torque wrench and used it last night.
    I was expecting to hear a “click” when the desired torque was reached but there was nothing, this was with the wrench set to 2Nm (the minimum).
    Just wanted to check that there is no special setting which turns this thing into a conventional wrench ?

    I set the desired torque setting using the rotating part of the handle and then locked this setting in by turning the nut on the end of the handle (as per instructions). Then used the wrench (in tightening mode) and no click, even when applying considerable force.

    Anyone else got one of these wrenches ? Is there a loud click when the torque setting is reached ?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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