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  • Topout clunk on Revelations….
  • Premier Icon rickon

    Hi Chaps,

    Would not enough oil in the damper mean a top-out clunk would be apparent?

    I did a damper service on my revs, and have a rather annoying top out clunk…

    I also appear to have a leak from the -ve chamber, as after putting in 75psi it drops to 50psi after some time. That’s not just the air escaping into the shock pump hose, as I’ve tried it at 100psi and the same thing happens…. it’s not leaking into the +ve, and I can’t see any air leaking from the valve when dunked into a jug of water.

    Any ideas on either of these chaps?



    Premier Icon rickon

    Fixed. I think.

    Slightly not enough oil in the damper, drained and refilled, all looks OK.

    Odd that the fork became harsh and felt very much like the negative air had gone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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