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    Hi Chaps,

    I’ve got a brand new set of Pikes, does anyone with them have a similar ‘feature’, where if you compress the fork, the top 2mm doesn’t return immediately, resulting in a bit of a topout clunk.

    It feels as if it gets to the top, and then the oil decides to stop and slowly allows the fork to return to full travel.

    It’s the same with the first 2mm of travel, you can move the fork freely 2mm without engaging the compression damping.

    Is this normal, and just break in? Or have RS not put enough oil in the damper?

    Cheers chaps


    Premier Icon rickon

    And… I can get 30% travel when locked out quite easily….

    I’m now starting to think there really isn’t enough oil in the damper…

    Premier Icon rickon

    Not conclusive, but it *may* be the pos and neg chambers equalising via a valve at the top of the stroke. Apparently its not normally noticeable, as it occurs on the top of the stroke on an unweighted fork.

    Anyway, I’m going to ride it and see if it gets better, or I notice it on the trail.


    My new pikes did this today, realised I wasn’t running enough air pressure and was way over 30% sag added more air and that 2mm clunk went!!! Hope it helps!!!
    How are you getting on with your high/low rebounds cannot seem to find a sweet spot yet, obviously early days yet.


    Its normal.

    Had a check with sramtech

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Spent a week in a couple of German and Czech bikeparks
    and my pike clunk has gotten severe. Keep having to check my headset but no, all fine.
    It’s a really disconcerting noise and feel. A very loose clunk when faced with trail chatter.
    Not impressed. These will go back…

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