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  • Rogan Josh

    Lot of talk on here about top cash back, how does it work? Discount the item at sale or pay you ‘cash back’?

    Is the cash back into an account or for use automatically against future sales?

    Idiots guide please!

    Premier Icon Nick

    What you do is first sign up using this link 🙂

    Then you search for what it is you want to buy or who you want to buy from, i.e. chainreaction, merlin, wiggle etc, but also mobile phones, utility switching etc.

    You get the kick back that all these companies pay for referals, the % varies (3% from Chainreaction, 2% from Tesco Wine) it sits in an account for you in Top Cash back and once it hits about £50 you can take it out, I’ve had two payouts totaling about £120 so far.

    You can get quite big amounts when switching power and gas, telephone, Sky TV etc, very much worth doing it, I got £50 for switching from Npower to a cheaper fixed deal a week or two ago.

    Rogan Josh

    Ah I see I just didn’t understand the withdrawal method, couldn’t be bothered with a load of 5ps and 1.23s popping up in my statement every day.


    Rob Hilton

    withdrawal method


    Rob is immature 😳

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Nick, I’ve edited your referral link as a) it’s not allowed on the site and b) if it was I’d be putting mine there instead. (-:

    Premier Icon convert

    Just make sure you clear your cache/cookies every now and again. I’ve lost a couple of cashback claims in the last year because apparently another provider had claim to my referral i.e. although I went to the site to make my purchase via topcashback I had previously visited the site via an ad link from another website and they got the credit instead.

    I have had over £700 transferred to my account from topcashback in the last 2 years which either makes me very happy that I have made so much back or very sad that I have spent so much to be able to save so much! The best one recently was a £105 cashback for taking out £120 of landlord buildings insurance.


    My view of Topcashback is not the greatest at the moment – been waiting on over £100 from 2 purchases since September. One has been confirmed but never paid and the other has still not even been confirmed despite raising a claim.

    I’ll not bother with them and will try Quidco in future.

    Premier Icon cp

    Its retailer dependent as much as the cashback site.

    Halfords cashback via quidco took about 8 months for me.

    Typically most cashback is paid in about 3 months ime.

    Premier Icon cp

    And I’d clear your cache/cookies before every refferal you do.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    No need to wait until £50 is reached, the limit is around £5-£10 if my payment claims are to be believed.

    Had used Quidco for ages but tried out TCB as the rates were better

    I found the payments erratic, not a biggie losing @1.21 on a CRC purchase but guess what??? I booked a family holiday and the promised £200 cashback didnt track

    What a coincidence, would you believe it?

    Im not back with Quidco, not as good rates but have never had one not track

    (Yes, I know all about clearing cookies and the cache etc etc)

    It’s potential free money, so if it was something you were going to buy anyway and you didn’t pay a premium going via a referral site, if it doesn’t track you’re no worse off. Some people seem to lose sight of this…

    Premier Icon Nick

    @ cougar, worth a try I suppose 🙂


    I use Quidco, not everything tracks but you can put a claim in to get the money owed. I’ve had just short of £1k back in about 3 years. I normally let it build up to £250 or so the transfer it into my bank account. I’ve bought nothing I wouldn’t have just use whatever works out cheapest. Car insurance is a good one for big money, just taken a policy with Aviva and it’s going to payout £80.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Quidco has been brilliant for me, including them paying out 114 quid that **** virgin atlantic didn’t pay out (for no valid reason, incidentally, the big tossers !)

    If anyone’s not a member, email one of us and we’ll refer you – we get a fiver I think, but you get bugger all IIRR

    (insurance, phone contracts and occasionally transatlantic flights make decent money but even the 50p’s add up over the year)


    Its a no-brainer really…..BUT try not let TCB change your buying habits or just go for deal A because it pays more cashback, basically what i’m saying is cashback isn’t always guaranteed! I’ve earned around £500 in a little over 2 years and i’d say 10% of claims haven’t been paid for some reason or other.


    I use it all the time. Book my flights through Expedia/Opodo and Use for accommodation.

    It’s also good for Airport parking deals.

    We used it last year for our French Camping Holiday and got 13% cash back (off a competitive deal)

    Accept that some deals won’t track and that they do take time. But it’s money for nowt at the end of the day!

    Premier Icon lunge

    I used Quidco and have got a good few quid back over the years. I got a couple of big payments from Expedia and Chris Ward Watches.


    Wot EPO said

    Go shopping online and before you pull the trigger check out TCB and Quidco for the bonus ball.

    Oh and use a different browser to your main one (Chrome or Firefox) so before you buy you can flush the history and cookies and ensure it tracks (and subsequently pays) properly.

    I use mine religiously for hotel booking (usually 10%+ and lots of ad-hoc work related expensable bookings) and insurance cos I switch every year. Day-to-day online purchases pay peanuts relatively but will occasionally have additional discount codes and deals that might cover delivery costs etc so often still worth doing.


    No probs with TCB for me. The only payout that didn’t register (with Appliances Online) was worth £40 so I chased it through the site and with little fuss it was added and paid out.


    Quidco here too, I had just under 1k back over the last few years.
    I almost gave up on a cashback for car insurance which had not tracked properly but logged ticket via Quidco support and received £180 back in the end.

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