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  • Top of the range Hayes discs unused and as new….
  • Premier Icon vondally

    Hello been advertising these for a while and just to be clear these are the top of the range Hayes (all Info at end of ad) costing £90 per end so these are bargains,

    questions and so on here and contact at

    vondally AT googlemail DOT com

    Please remember prices inc postage and that is now expensive

    Hayes Prime Expert discs front and rear uncut hoses unused in black same as those in white up there, bought for youngest daughter due to their reach adaptability, she wanted hope so she paid for hopes….. £110

    Hayes Prime Expert discs front and rear uncut hoses used two rides in white ….. £90

    Hayes info

    Hayes Prime Pro Front Brake – LH – Front

    It’s here. And it’s the first of its kind. PRIME hydraulic disc brakes feature industry-first technologies and offer more power, new components and a better ride. PRIME’s tool-free reach and contact adjustment, improved braking torque and feel and outstanding ergonomics are just a few of its many attributes. Plus, its ground-breaking, high-flow reservoir venting system has never been seen before. PRIME disc brakes are available in Pro and Expert configurations. If you thought Stroker was cool, you’re not gonna believe this.
    •Improved Reach Adjust: Tool-free design that is independent of the contact adjustment. This feature has improved durability and aesthetics over the existing Stroker design. Additionally, mechanical advantage is fixed regardless of lever home position. This means you get the same power and feel with the lever set close to the grip as you do with it set further away.
    • Mechanical Leverage Ratio: Increased throughout the entire lever stroke, resulting in a high power level later in the stroke. This promotes progressive braking that is more predictable (modulation).
    • Hydraulic Power Ratio: 20% increase in hydraulic ratio over the Stroker Trail. Higher clamp force on the rotor is reached with the same given input at the lever blade.

    New Technology: Components
    •Performance Hose- A new four layer low expansion hose tuned for the Prime’s high mechanical and hydraulic ratios. Power transfer to the caliper pistons is more precise and system feel is more consistent regardless of front and rear hose lengths.
    •Hayes Tube Tops- Protect the frame’s head-tube and headset cup finish from abrasion and wear at the point where the hydraulic hose makes contact.
    •Prime Hardware- Nickel plated, titanium and anodized aluminum fasteners resist corrosion and maintain the high-end finish. All hardware is designed and tested to meet precise torque values.
    •Lever Bushings- New press fit Titacon CL 500 bushings are used in the master cylinder body. This results in precise tolerances and better bearing surface between the lever blade and the body. The system will have smoother actuation and no lever slop.
    • Clamp Attachment Method- A new two-piece design that allows the master cylinder to be removed without affecting other handlebar components. This offset system is tightened to a stop on the primary side and tightened with a torque wrench on the secondary. This distributes the clamp force evenly on the handlebar and aids in proper assembly.

    •Dead stroke adjustment: Tool free
    • Hose material: Premium
    • Clamp screws, bridge bolts, & mount bolts: Titanium
    •Mount washer, banjo, banjo bolt, pivot bolt, and pad pin: Anodized aluminium
    • Laser etched graphics: Laser etched
    • Lever bushings: Titacon
    •Pad material: Sintered metallic
    • Hose grommets: Standard
    •Push rod: Titanium
    •Premium finish/Cosmetics: Standard


    I’ll take the white ones please, if the £90 includes postage 😉

    I’ll mail you my details and sort payment on Wednesday.


    email sent 🙂

    Premier Icon vondally

    adi mail rtn

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