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    Starring me, Mrs Feet & the kids.

    Weather forecast is good at the moment,as it could be called off if it’s raining (don’t fancy some of the roads I’ll probably use in the rain).

    I will be on a bike (Planet X Superlight Carbon Pro), Mrs Feet & the kids will be using buses for a visit to the mother-in-law. It’s only about 11/12 miles but I reckon it wil be close as they will need to get 2 buses. I reckon I’ll get a good lead through town, but once they have changed buses, they have a 8ish mile run with not many stops and will be doing 40 – 50 mph for most of it, so I’ll have to crank it up a bit, especially on the hills. All traffic lights, etc will be observed and I won’t be going the wrong way up one-way streets.

    The plan is that we all leave the house at the same time.

    I’m mulling over routes now.

    I’ll probably stuf updates on twitter (Cheesyfeet) tomorrow, if your interested.


    Thanks to

    a) mostly down rather than up hill
    b)lots of little back alleys
    c) four sets of traffic lights by car

    I almost beat my wife 5 miles back from my mum’s. And she had 3 miles at 70mph on dual carriageway aswell. This poosibly says more about the traffic than my skillz though. And i was well knackered when i got home. The look on mrs julian’s face was worth it, mind.

    your considdering loosing to a bus?

    back home i can beet the car form home to school on country lanes (my route is 2 miles shorter and 15 miles overal)

    in reading i can beet the busses riding to work even suited and booted (i.e. without breaking a sweat)!


    In North Leeds, I used to often see a woman who ran to work along my bus route. I’ve ridden the route on my bike and it’s just over 6 miles. The bus would overtake her then pull in at a bus-stop and she’d pass the bus. She’d match the bus overall, and the bus journey was about 35 minutes. Amazingly fast! Presumably she then did a day’s work and ran home too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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