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  • magicman

    Liked it.?


    But you’re going to give an opinion that you admit is completely uninformed?

    I think you may have misread the tone of my post somewhat.


    Have to say I found it boring

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Bring back Evans.

    Premier Icon Moe

    I enjoyed it, I think it will get better and people will become more comfortable with it as time goes on but I guess some will insist on disliking it….

    Premier Icon flashinthepan

    I’ve only watched half of it, just up to crashing the Volvo

    And I have to say that, despite preconceptions, it looked decent

    Some chemistry developing between the hosts. Remember Hammond and May were relatively unknown at the start of TG. It could be that the ‘other two’ flourish without Evans. And MleB to be the star that glues it together? Certainly has promise

    Premier Icon simmy

    A lot better filmed than TGT

    Matt seems to tie everyone together but can someone just handcuff them all ? The hand movements when talking were annoying but Matts clapping was just unneeded.

    Let’s hope it develops. Much better without Chris on it.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    I enjoyed it more than any Grand Tour episodes that I’ve seen

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    It was PGSNDTIBOTV (Perfectly Good Sunday Night Doing The Ironing Brain Off TV) and much better without Evans constantly trying too hard.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I rather enjoyed that. Missed Sabine though, she was the best (only good) thing about the last series.


    but I guess some will insist on disliking it….

    How will they persist in the face of such awesome telly?


    Most importantly – what does kryton57 think?

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I enjoyed the new top gear.


    I don’t think one episode (as with both TG and TGT)is indicative of its stride.

    Need to give it a full series really.

    I thought it was workmanlike and efficient, with the studio bits being a bit awkward. Ultimately pretty dull, and I switched to the Martin Scorsese documentary.

    Could it be that it doesn’t matter what form these programmes now appear in – they probably can’t actually offer anything new or that exciting?

    I suppose it doesn’t matter as we now have two car programmes running so we can tune in twice a year.

    Disposable television.


    Chris Harris is annoyingly twitchy.

    They work together much better than the last line up. Last nights was a great improvement over old TG and GT.

    If they keep that up they might not get a mauling this series.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    It was a bit wooden & scripted in the studio, Chris needs to get over hs stage fright. But as Mrs K said, the presentation was a bit more “every day man” for today which is welcome.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I quite enjoyed it.

    Keep an eye out for my brother’s 60’s Guilia GTA Stradale in the next episode (think it’ll be there for the opening bit of the Alfa story). He was impressed at how much Chris Harris new about the car when they chatted in rehersals (e.g. fact that roof is riveted on indicates it’s a genuine GTA).

    I was in the studio for filming too so look out for a bloke in a green Vulpine waterproof 🙂

    I don’t watch any TV other than from Amazon these days. So it was a novelty to tune in to BBC2. It wasn’t actually that bad. My 11 year old enjoyed it, where he walks away from TGT and stopped watching Evans quite quickly. Chris Harris is an odd one, and doesn’t look too happy with scripts. Then again neither does James May.

    Is the Harris Monkey opening bonnet going to be the new bumping into each other thing?


    It is a bit dated they keep crashing into each other.


    I think I watched a different show to others on here?

    That was terrible.

    Chris Harris is awful.

    They basically copied the Clarkson/May/Hammond format for a show that was already past it’s sell by date and replaced the presenters.

    It was painfully scripted and wooden.

    Unbelievably, the high mileage race was even more contrived than anything that had been done before.

    It is a bit dated they keep crashing into each other.

    That’s all accidental as no one in their right mind would deliberately go out and damage another vehicle.



    It’ll grow I’m sure, plenty of chat on R2 this morning about it.. which is its target audience.

    The characters will soften on us, no doubt in 5 years we’ll have forgotten the odd scripts and accept the simpleton tried and tested format.

    But, I quite like MlB. He has a humour I recognise.

    I liked Chris. All of them were good but he has a real passion for cars that lacked in May and Hammond.

    It seemed to be a nice balance of motoring and TG – which wasn’t about cars by the end.

    I think it proved nicely that it isn’t a big name that makes a programme. Evans was shite!

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I used to love Clarkson/Hammond/May Top Gear, but the scripts were getting tired and increasingly contrived with the sense that none of them really wanted to be there. I watched it because I love watching snazzy cars being driven fast and I enjoyed the extended features. The Grand Tour didn’t really deliver and I gave up after episode 4.

    This new TG series looks like it has removed most of what I dislike and done more of what I like. It’s a thumbs up from me. The Star in a Reasonably Fast Car has got promise too.



    I wouldn’t be watching were it not for Chris Harris. Saying that I only wathced the FXXK bit then fast forwarded right through the rest of the show.

    Premier Icon flange

    I enjoyed it (only watched part of it up to the Volvo crashing). Chris Harris is ace and along with MlB had a decent sense of humour.

    Quote of the show
    ‘Wheel bearings gone’ as the Lada pulled off…

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Enjoyed that a lot. I think they’re starting to get the mix right. Better than GT and the vast majority of a few TG series prior to the big bust-up.


    Didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did – that was good! Too much fake laughing and I’m never gonna be a big fan of the challenge thingies but I enjoyed it, I like it that they now have a proper driver on the squad. 🙂


    I think it was a decent first episode, I like that they didn’t have specifically named segments, it just kind of moved between each without trying too hard, like inventing tacky names such as conversation street or celebrity brain crash!


    Works best with just the three main presenters, and I’m really enjoying it. Amazingly, I didn’t think it could be rescued after the Chris Evans cluster****.
    And that Ferrari… 😯

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Nup. Tried to like it, but by the time they got to the goat chucking I’d had enough.

    Premier Icon Drac

    like inventing tacky names such as conversation street or celebrity brain crash!

    Or Star in a Reasonably Fast Car.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Tried to watch it last night but just found it painfully scripted and forced. I’m out.


    I liked it and the 3 have got good potential

    What didn’t help with the studio pieces was the editing. The cuts happened too quick or were unnecessary, so went from a joke with every laughing, sudden cut, then audience silent, didn’t help with the flow


    Could only be better without Chris Evans.

    Great filming, looks better than TGT.

    As before Top Gear Extra straight after on BBC3 seems to have a lot better studio vibe and the piece on there where Chris Harris instructed the ‘celebs’ round the track was probably the funniest part of both shows.


    I was quite pleasantly surprised, I found it quite watchable.

    Matt LeBlanc was very good, as was Chris Harris. Rory’s manner got on my nerves a little, he comes across as an excitable puppy, but at least there was no Eddie Jordan and Sabine. The latter, I’m very sad to admit got on my nerves.

    There were opportunities missed. Clarkson, May or Hammond would have delivered a stirring monologue about the Kazakhstan steppe, accompanied by picturesque tracking shots of the landscape as the usual nod to the local tourist industry. The fake banter between Rory and the others got on my nerves too.

    I think the Guardian summed it up by suggesting that Rory, Matt and Chris hole up in a bar somewhere and get very, very drunk to work on minimising the awkwardness and faux camaraderie.

    But it’s improved by 73.2% since Chris Evans moved on.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    And people are saying this is better than TGT – you need your ruddy heads testing! 😀

    Unless the BBC have some cast-iron contracts with broadcasters tied in for the next 5 years, they won’t be getting top-price for this when selling it overseas.


    the-muffin-man – Member
    And people are saying this is better than TGT – you need your ruddy heads testing

    Just watched the new Top Gear, and at no point did I find myself wondering wtf i was watching. That puts it instantly ahead of TGT – no Celebrity Brain Crash (seriously, wtf?), no bizarre crap Sauber shed builds, no special forces that had nothing to do with the special forces or their kit. The road trip could easily have happened on either show, but overall i didn’t feel the need to blind and deafen myself….. or at least switch it off

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    …did you stay awake though!

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