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  • Top end race tuning/servicing shop – opinions?
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    Just trying to gauge public opinion, but having worked in and run several shops in the past I’m possibly thinking of starting up my own business. I’m well aware that the majority of sales are done online so I thought there may be a niche available.
    I know from experience that a lot of people are given the cold shoulder if they go into a shop and ask them to fit parts, and so I’d be running a shop that is basically just a workshop with a fitting room, and specializing in top end servicing and repairs – everything from fitting, wheel building and suspension servicing to running rides, offering advice and somewhere to chill out post-ride.
    This really would be a small business so not really interested in doing clothing or selling bikes. The only real stock would be cables, mech hangers,stems bars and tape, and just repair parts.
    I’d be based in the East Midlands before anyone asks!

    Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated!


    You need alot of mech hangers. Might be better with a mobile workshop/van instead ?


    TBH, I think you’ll find that most workshops in shops make the money from the mark up on the spare parts they sell in conjunction with the labour charge for fitting/repairing stuff, so I’m not quite sure how your business model works taking that into account.
    Are you going to be able to hold at least 15K s worth of stock for suspension repairs as well?

    Premier Icon schmiken

    I’d still be selling spare parts, just not accessories or clothing. As I’d have very low overheads (and it’d be more of a side business than my main job) I’m not going for huge income.

    Although I’d plant to run a pickup and dropoff service a van isn’t really viable as most suppliers won’t deal with you without a brick and mortar shop.

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