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  • Top downhill routes in the UK?
  • peterfile

    Think the OP meant a full 500m drop in height….not sure anywhere in Calderdale fits his narrow criteria no matter how good the riding

    ahahahah ooops!

    500m+ in height???!! 😯

    i would have thought getting up there would make most of these “runs” a bit of of most peoples’ reach.

    swavis – Member

    Descent to Annat in Torridon.

    Descent to Achnashellach is better 😉

    Descent to Annat from the side of Ben Damph is also a cracker. Carn Ban Mor, Morrone, that one into Glen Clova etc….all jolly good fun.


    Carn Ban mor, Bynack mor, singletrack off Burma road – all in Cairngorms.
    Innerleithen from top of Minch moor
    Dollar Law to Peebles
    Mount keen
    Capel Month to clova

    Many, many more in scoltand – just look at a map

    what? man you need to go to the top! 😀

    the first bit is loose shale/rocks that gets you up to mega speed sharpish, then take the left hand route over the grass as the shale turns to the right – that makes a big old difference. We used to go up loads and on a clear day/evening you can see for miles and miles.

    i may have stayed at that wiston place with the bbs as well

    i would LOVE if STW/Ragely organised a mini DH race there

    its been done.

    Some kid also tried to do it ‘properly’ by advertising a downhill race, using Barely Legal as the top section, down into the lower section of Blue Pig. Good idea – holding a DH race on a footpath! Council or whoever got wind and pulled the plug but there’d been a ‘practice day’ type thing up there anyway and royally fecked it up.


    Ben Lomond definitely – it’s amazing.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I got Given “Mountain biking in Europe” – ISBN: 978 1 906098 31 5

    For Chrismas last year.

    Its not too Disipline specific and has a fair few locations for you to consider, plus England, Wales and Scotland each have a separate section…

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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