Top 3 horror films?

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  • Top 3 horror films?
  • chewkw

    Alien 1
    The Thing
    Poltergeist 1

    Well the above scared the hell out of me when I first watched them … actually more like excited because I was watching them on VHS with mates. 😅

    Nowadays there are NO More horror films coz they all bored the hell out of me with boring storyline, even with their special effects they are just lousy. 🙄

    As for The Blair Witch Project that is an absolute shite film on mega level … gave me headache just by watching it. Never again I would watch movie in such format. Absolutely shite.

    Bone Tomahawk. Is on film4 later tonight & is worth a watch.

    Good film but not enough of the fighting … rather disappointed with that tbh. Should have a few more clips of using the Henry repeater or cowboy got proper tomahawked … Love watching the bloke got split apart. 😅 They should slow down the clip a bit so I can see the proper actions. Was actually trying to figure out how they do the special effect on the bloke. Very good effect. 👍

    P/s: the Troglodytes fought well … but not match for Henry repeater.


    Babadook? Are you frickin kidding me?

    CaptJon is thinking in the right direction. 28 days later and Event Horizon are right up there for me. I did a model making course at college just after it was released and got to meet the special effects team from EH and play with some of the props. Great fun.

    I’d also add the Shining, for being so many great things at once. Not to mention being truly terrifying without being gory.

    Dishonourable mention for a daft film from the 80s about some sort of gremlin that stabbed people with a ring and turned them into a jungle plant, or summink. Might have even been that little fella Gervais is mates with. Probably awful, but as a kid in the 80s it gave me nightmares for years.

    Also a bonkers alien movie with Jack Palance (IIRC) and an alien played by the same fella who also played The Predator. He had these organic ninja stars that he would chuck at you in the Forrest. Creepy AF.


    Don’t Look Now.

    Premier Icon DezB

    couple not mentioned –
    The Witch
    No doubt both are shit to someone, but I really couldn’t give a toss!
    I also was pretty freaked by Blair Witch, watched on pirate video, before seeing any hype. Not watched since though.
    Near Dark was a sort of comedy horror and is brilliant.


    The Exorcist
    The Wicker Man

    Honourable mentions go out to:
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original one)
    The Descent (talk about my worst nightmare)
    The VVitch
    Rec (the original)
    The Ring (both American and Japanese)
    Night of the Living Dead
    28 Days Later
    Dawn of the Dead (original)
    Event Horizon

    Premier Icon rone

    A few sloppy seconds:

    Society – that was a shunty trip!
    The Beyond – Italian gore extremis
    Tenebrae – Bonkers virtuoso giallo
    Re-animator – gore mental
    From Beyond – stockings woman
    The Strangers – cruel/suspense home invasion done without blinking
    Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer – 16mm BBFC troubles.
    The Invitation – LA party gone wrong.
    Red State – Mid west bible trouble with tonal problems but thought it terrific.

    Raw I’ve yet to see.

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