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    After haveing toothache and a long chat with NHs direct, yesterday, and getting an emergency appointment at the drs, last night for shortness of breath, and chest pain, today the toothache was really bad so rang a dentist , who told me to ring central control, they then got me into a surgery and ive just had 3 teeth out, one was snapped in half, and another two where not quite right , so now ive still got toothache, and a massive hole in my gum, took some paracetemol, and still it hurts.The dentist didnt surpriseingly, very gentle.


    You haven’t been having much luck recently project, have you ?

    So ffs save your money and don’t bother buying a lottery ticket this week.


    Disprin (swill it around the painful bits) helps.

    It may well be bruising from where the teeth were removed. Try ibuprofen (works better on swelling) and it may well get better. I was luckier and managed to find a dentist after a temporary filling and have root canal done.

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    No! Don’t do that unless you want a nasty acid burn as well!

    Paracetamol 500mg, 6 hourly with Ibuprofen 400mg (assuming you can take it and bearing in mind I’ve no idea about any of your medical history and if in doubt recommend you check with the medics!!) taken 8 hourly.

    That combo is generally best (and cheapest) for dental pain but if it’s not significantly better in the next day or two then back to the dentist for you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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