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  • slugwash

    Hope it all heals up quickly Mcmoonter. I'm booked in for a tooth extraction this coming Thursday and I'm hoping it'll all be fine for our Dartmoor MTB bivvy excursion on Saturday/Sunday. I don't want to be the miserable wonker who's in agony, cant eat or drink anything, and is howling in agony all night. So a couple of quick questions….

    Did they give you some antibiotics and/or painkillers. What sort of diet did they say you should eat for the next few days. And did they say anything about not drinking alcohol?



    Good luck Clare, my phobia is similarly based, though more with hospitals. I was a careful child but had a kid had some really bad accidents. As a five year old I caught and nearly lost three fingers in the sliding door of a van. The door self locked and I couldnt get my hand out. There followed a desperate rush to get me to hospital with lots of blood and screaming.

    Even now the atmosphere of even a dentist's or hospital waiting room brings me out in a cold sweat.

    I was feeling ok four hours in until I just read a handout the dentist gave me about after care. I reached the word 'socket' and have come over really queasy.

    I'll never eat sweets again.

    Good luck!


    Slugwash, really I feel pretty good, though I'm too scared to go poking with my tongue just yet.

    The handout I was given just says to take some Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. To avoid eating or drinking for the first two hours. If eating at all eat only soft foods and to avoid hot drinks and alcohol. Reading earlier posts I'm anticipating it'll be back to normalish in a couple of days.

    I'm flying to the US tomorrow and embarking on a week long 500 mile ride on Saturday so I'm hoping it'll heal quickly.


    Glad it went ok. After mine, I felt queasy every time I put my tongue in the hole (ooh er missus!).

    Have a great trip too. 🙂

    Repack Rider

    Marin County, Cali

    True story: I pulled my own wisdom tooth when I was 24 years old.

    My friends have been citing that as an example of how tough I am ever since.


    elaine anne

    if its any consolation my old whippet dog just had 3 teeth out a few days ago… and they use the same anasthetic on dogs that we have wen they 'knock us' out at hospital….. i was worried incase he didnt wake up being 13 years old… but he made it back to tha land of living and is getting back to his usual self now….. just need a lottery win to pay vet bill now ..doh…

    Beveled Edge

    I've had two out on separate occasions and to be honest it's noting to worry about, no where near as bad as people say. 8)
    Good luck.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Get a recommendation for a GOOD dentist and it will be fine.

    I did'nt go for nearly eight years until unbearable pain at the start of the year. Had a tooth out as a kid and it was horrendous so my fear and expectation of pain was truly awful. I was absolutely bricking it but there was NO pain or nastiness whatsoever.
    I had two wisdom teeth out up top and cycled home with a Jamie Oliver type chubber tongue and that was it.

    Had worse sneezes!


    after having repeated infections under one of my upper molars for years I was relieved to have the bu66er out.

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