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  • Tomorrow night, I'm attempting… (Tom Vs food content)
  • Premier Icon tomhoward

    A 96oz steak challenge,

    A 72oz steak.
    10oz fries.
    10oz onion rings.
    4oz salad (!) to keep it healthy, obviously.
    Eat it in an hour, I get it free.

    Anybody done anything like this before? Any tips?


    Have a paramedic on standby?

    Have a reasonable sized breakfast, but skip lunch.

    Eat fast.

    When its starting to get too much, add some sauce, just to keep some variation, so it’s not just meat, meat, meat.


    Can’t say I have but from watching Man Vs Food, use plenty of sauce to keep the meat moist. Good luck.


    wheres this ……

    after my planned 4 weeks here im fairly sure i could polish that off VERY VERY easily …..

    ive eaten nothing except chocolate and crisps for the last 2 weeks 🙁



    Yeah, a good breakfast and skip lunch is a trick I’ve used on these challenges before. Try and mix it all up a bit as well so bits of everything instead of tackling one thing at a time.

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Had a big meal at the Ponderosa Ranch in Wales (now closed down) some years ago…..

    Prawn cocktail starter, which was actually a “normal meal sized” prawn salad, followed by a 32 oz steak with a plate of chips, onion rings, peas, mushrooms, tomatoes etc

    Followed by a spotted dick (!) pudding which was the size that you would feed to a family of four.

    Bloody gorgeous. Can’t eat that much these days though.

    Good luck.

    Have your steak rare, any more cooked than that it can get very dry.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    It’s at Cattlemen’s in Harrogate. the challenge used to be just the steak, has been for 20 odd years, then the week before I decide to do it, they up it the monstrosity mentioned above. FFS.

    I’ve done a 32oz steak as part of a 3 course meal twice before, but nothing as big as this.

    Plan is have a bowl of cereal for brekkie, then liquid diet all day, definitely going for rare though a mate I’m doing it with is going medium rare, we shall see who does best!


    harrogates a bit of a trek from me haha.

    But im going to find something BIG for my return to the homeland … Im salivating reading that list above !


    You want to be stretching your stomach in anticipation today, then eat not so much tomorrow, so it’s nice and empty.

    Big dinner that’ll digest quickly tonight, I reckon – something like pasta, eat til you’re full then eat some more. 🙂

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    What’s it cost if you don’t make it?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    My pride, and dignity, but I reckon that’s lost either way.

    But in monetary terms, £40.

    Good luck, I have nothing but respect. Cant beat a decent fodder challenge.


    I’m trying one in Cardiff soon, 69oz mixed grill for £29 or free if you eat it in an hour, tempted to ask for a side order of chips and some bread and butter.

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    Theres £40 of motivation then!


    I think it should not be a problem if I were 15 again.

    … I could down these easily:

    1. Four large fries (jacket potatoes size)
    2. Four fried eggs.
    3. Five pork chops … reckon it’s about 600 grams.
    4. One tin of bake beans.
    5. A cup of Ribena.
    6. Occasionally two slides of fried bread.

    I could eat more or continue to eat but my father was rather annoyed with me saying that I just gobbled up 3 full grown adult meal, like the portion served to RAF air crews during his time. I thought if that was the case those air crews must be starving … My father continued to be annoyed. 😆

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    What’s for dessert? [video][/video]


    Bleugh. The thought of this makes me feel utterly sick.

    I’ve recently moved out to asia and can’t really be bothered eating three times a day, and the portions are probably half what they are in the UK.

    I eat once, maybe twice and feel so much stronger, less slow and mentally a thousand times better. I never realised what a disgusting amount of food i used to eat; and i reckon most of it was just boredom.

    That is moronic behaviour in my book.


    why not just pay the £40.00 get them to put it into decent sized portions and go and feed some homeless people with it rather than engaging in a crass display gluttony?

    other than that have fun with it.

    Mario’s in Westhoughton near Bolton:

    “I’ve seen plenty of “Big Breakfasts” on restuarant menu’s, but nothing like this one! The challenge: eat their “Big Breakfast”, 10 eggs, 10 sausages, 10 rashers of bacon, 10 slices of toast, five black pudding slices, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked bean in 20 minutes or less (without a drink). The Prize: get it for free, otherwise fork over £10.95. (which is pretty damn good considering what you’re getting!). 5,000 calories of Full English!”


    I wouldn’t stand a chance at this and I am a fat bastard 😆

    OP Will you enjoy it do you think?


    I did a burger challenge last week which consisted of the following: –

    Two flame-grilled 12oz beef burgers
    Two breaded chicken fillets
    Spicy chilli beef
    Melted Cheddar cheese
    Crispy bacon
    Onion rings
    Giant helping of chips

    I only just finished it and did not sleep well that night.

    I would not even attempt a 96oz steak challenge. Good luck!!!


    Glad I’m not the only one who finds this disgusting.


    We used to do the 20 macdonalds burger challenge regularly after a night out

    Premier Icon weeksy

    LOL god some of you really are sanctamonious whingers…

    Best of luck mate…. i think you’ll need it… although if it’s a good piece of steak it’s not a major disaster to lose 🙂

    Premier Icon Houns

    I’ve just eaten my dinner and reading this has made me hungry


    I struggled with a 16oz burger and chips at beefeater the other week, although to be fair, all the beer probably didn’t help!

    Premier Icon Pickers

    Good luck with this. I tried a 48oz steak plus chips, salad etc.
    Took home what I couldn’t finish and it lasted 3 days at home between two of us… And I too am nearly as wide as I am tall

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Man v Food now on Dave – Adams attempting a 74oz steak challenge so maybe watch for some tips…..

    Funnily enough a friend of mine has started a facebook page witg food challanges hes done, the flaming challange in sizzler pubs is a regular lunch for us now : ) hes a pro body builder so on his off days he eats a lot!!!!!!! Hes beasted the 10 item brekkie, and a 50oz mixed grill in a blackpool greasy spoon, also a local curey house does a mixed kebab that is “huge” but dosent sacrifice taste, me and tge wife get one between us and theres allways some left, and a 60 chicken nuggs from mc donalds in 30mins is a doozy, tgeres a new american diner just open and already hes their worst nightmare, a small challange is a massive burger stack (9 burgers) bacon cheese, onion rings, crispy onions and bbq chicken fillets, massive portion of fries, two corn on cob and side onion rings, and some chilli cheese bites, with 2 litres of coke, but theres talk of a 50oz burger comming soon, i attempted a 30oz burger in teneriefe at harleys i failed big time, but the prize. Was 230euros and free food and drinks for the rest of the week, the wife wernt happy as it was our honeymoon lol


    Premier Icon somafunk

    Over two kilos of meat, 1/3 kilo of chips, 1/3 kilo of onion rings? – knock yersel out eh?.

    You do realise the human stomach has an empty volume of approx 50ml?, roughly the volume of a full espresso cup, it can normally expand to perhaps 1.5 litres, but it can go as far as 2 to 3 litres or larger which if your not a fat fcucer to begin with will undoubtably exert pressure on your other internal organs such as liver, pancreas and you may find it difficult to breathe as pressure is exerted on your diaphragm as your stomach distends.

    If i can offer advice i’d say chew your food very-very-very well before swallowing, at least 20 chews for each mouthful otherwise your steak will take far longer for your stomach to convert to chyme which can then pass into your intestine for digestion. And two kilos of steak for £40?, in a restaurant?…must be pretty rank or piss-poor quality imported steak if that’s all they’re charging – a good quality (local & known provenance) 20oz steak in the very successful restaurant my mate owns is £29.50, and at that price he’s not making a large mark-up.

    If i can ask another question it’d be just the simplest one : Why?.


    You do realise the human stomach has an empty volume of approx 50ml?

    But in reality, so does a deflated lilo……

    So… How did it go?


    Premier Icon weeksy

    If i can ask another question it’d be just the simplest one : Why?.

    Why climb a mountain ? Why ride an XC race ? Why get drunk? Why put man on the moon…

    Why not ? because you can and you want to experience life.

    A gluttony challenge. Classy.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Will I enjoy it? To begin with, I’ll enjoy the food, Later on, I’ll enjoy the challenge aspect.

    I agree it is a disgusting amount of food and a silly thing to do, but that leads me to why I am doing it. Because it’s there and if I dont try, I’ll never know. (How many times have you seen something and thought, yeah, I could do that) It’s a challenge, it’s going to be tough, and I’ll feel terrible afterwards. Much like any sporting, daring or other apparently more ‘noble’ challenges.

    Why not give £40 worth of food to homeless people? Seriously? Do you have this debate every time you go out for a meal or an evenings entertainment? (awaits the ‘I never go out, ever.’ response).

    On the quality of the steak front, that did worry me. Then thinking about it, this is a restaurant that is known for its great steak, so why would their ‘flagship’ steak try to ruin it. Also, the challenge is clearly a promotional tool, they are always on about it on FB and twitter and its always talked about on forums on the subject, so I dont think they will be adding much to their cost to try and maintain the quality of steak, whilst not pricing folk out of trying. (They did a promo on the launch weekend, £20 to try!)

    It won’t fit in my tiny human belly? Since the challenge started 10 days ago, 12 have tried, 3 have succeeded. In the 20 years before when it was just the steak, thousands tried, a couple of thousand succeeded.


    Premier Icon mogrim

    I agree it is a disgusting amount of food and a silly thing to do, but that leads me to why I am doing it. Because it’s there and if I dont try, I’ll never know.

    Good luck! Question: are you allowed to take a dump halfway through? Free up internal space and all that?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Lol, dont think so!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Lol, dont think so!

    as long as you don’t leave the table and wear pants with elasticated leg holes, who’s to know 😉

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