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  • Tog 24 kit, any good?
  • Mounty_73

    My local Debenhams has some Tog 24 gear on sale, is it any good?

    I have never used any of their kit before.


    It’s lower medium quality outdoor kit designed for low to medium activities
    So dog walking, easy walking etc is perfectly fine. You won’t wear it going up Mint Blanc

    Nowt wrong with it if it matches your activities and budget

    Premier Icon angeldust

    It’s relatively low end stuff and has declined rapidly in the last ~10 years. Absolutely fine for dog walking etc.


    It’s reasonable kit at the value-for-money end of the market – perfectly acceptable for general outdoors use.

    It doesn’t fall apart after one wash or anything like that.

    I’ve got some of their walking socks, not used them extensively but a fair bit and they have held up really well, and I’m known for making holes by my big toe!

    Premier Icon thomsonru84

    I’ve got one of their wind/waterproof jackets which has kept me dry an cosy on some pretty foul Scottish hillsides. Never had a “proper” brand jacket to compare them against but no issues and as said above pretty robust

    I bought one of their snowboarding jackets a couple of years ago. I wasn’t expecting anything great but I’ve been very impressed. Its stood up to some pretty grim Canadian and Scottish conditions and kept me warm and dry. Its possibly less stylish than the Helly Hanson one it replaced but it has way more features, works better and was half the price.

    They are apparently a “development” company for other manufacturers, better than Trespass in fit and style IMO. Used to have an outlet shop near me so have had a quite a few pieces of kit over the years, I’ve still got a jacket and use it regularily.

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    Got one of their soft shells, it was a bargain and my most used jacket last winter. Mr TW is a fan of their base layers, £9.99 for a long sleeve wicking top. He also has one of their down jackets which he says was well worth the money.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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