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  • Todmorden LBS thefts after floods
  • Premier Icon brennak

    Cycle factory Todmorden after clearing up after floods, really nice salt of the earth folk, if anyone can help contact on facebook address below.

    PLEASE SHARE HELP FIND THESE Struggling for words here we got flooded on Saturday as did a lot of people. Last night we were robbed by the scum of the earth praying on flood victims. Please like and share to help find these bikes. I’ll try list them properly with an edit later. Some new in boxes some customers bikes some reps bikes.
    2016 Kona Process 153 medium
    2016 Kona Hei Hei Trail medium only one in the country!
    2016 Kona Process 111 medium
    2016 Kona Precept 150 large (boxed)
    2015 Mondraker Dune XR Large
    2016 Cube Analog 19″ boxed
    2016 Cube Analog 21″ boxed

    lee bee

    As you said scum of the earth. Hope you get them back. I will keep a lookout.


    So sorry – will keep a lookout


    .Struggling for words..praying on flood victims

    Can’t help with the bikes, but the word you’re looking for is probably “preying”

    I think I’ve spent too long on here and need to stop.

    Premier Icon tuskaloosa

    sorry to hear hope you guys recover them and all the best

    Premier Icon jimplops

    Is that really necessary right now Edlong?

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Eyes peeled over here too.


    Sucks that customers bikes went too. I’m just imagining the phone call now…


    We were moving bikes around outside Blazing and got them in as soon as we could for fear of this.

    Utterly terrible.

    Co-Op in Hebden was broken into last night too.

    Premier Icon binners

    Dear god! There really are no depths to which some people won’t sink. Since the floods here the other day, all I’ve seen is an outpouring of people being as helpful as possible. Its been brilliant to see everyone mucking in.

    I suppose that in amongst all that positivity and community spirit you’re bound to get the odd low-life who sees it an an opportunity. I’ve shared the post. Hope you get them back guys. I suspect that either way, the karma fairy will catch up with the people prepared to pull a stunt like that!

    Oh… and for Edlong…

    Time and a place dude. This isn’t really either


    It amazes me how many people have absolutely no moral compass. I know it’s a minority, but a depressingly large one.

    Hope these bikes get recovered and the scrotes suffer in some way.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Scum. Indication of how close to the edge our society is. What’s the saying, we are two days without food from anarchy ?

    Premier Icon binners

    We’re really not Jammers. Don’t be such a drama queen.

    The reaction to the floods up here have been so overwhelmingly positive that’s its bought communities together, and restored a lot of people’s (me included) faith in human nature.

    There’s always a few wrong ‘uns. But that’s all they are.

    So do spare us the whole Daily Mail ‘we’re all going to gel in a hand basket’ nonsense please mate?

    Premier Icon brennak

    Binners know exactly what you me mean My lad and granddaughter live opposite cycle factory and are flooded out with about 3ft of water, the level of help from everyone is overwhelming, no idea where they come from but am I glad they’re here.
    GregMay I was down Hebden earlier today it was utter devastation it wasn’t a flood more a tsunami.
    To put further grief on people at a time of lowest ebb is unforgivible
    Thanks to everyone who has shared topic this around


    How some people see tragedy as opportunity is beyond me.
    Unfortunately there will always be scumbags like this.
    Hope you get all the bikes back, and whoever nicked them gets their just desserts.


    Apparently Organic House and Molly & Ginger were broken into as well.


    Molly and gingers was Chinese whispers. Unfortunately the owner drove several miles to see if they had been broken into unnecessarily as she hadn’t.


    Nice to hear that folk are joining in and helping each other out but just as they are some have to live up to their reputations of being s#$%bags.


    That’s good with M&G – last thing we need are more people being idiots.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Sons of t’Anarchy? Fair play to them.

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