Toddler cam setups

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  • Toddler cam setups
  • mashr

    Thanks to the Missus knowing some very handy people i’ve got a GoPro on the way. No interest in filming any of my own sub-standard riding but thinking it could be fun with the kids in WeeRides, Shotguns or just on their balance bikes. Anyone else played around with this? Seen a couple of good shots, on the bars looking back and an over the shoulder, but that’s about it really. Any got any hints or tips?

    Premier Icon akira

    If you want something watchable the more different angles the better, some on bike, some static, some panning.


    I put my go pro session on my toddlers helmet when he first started on stabilisers, it was hilarious watching it back seeing him looking at planes in the sky and talking to himself. Mounted on the bars facing him was cool. Have a play around. I also used it on our working Collie, all much better than blurry footage from the Peaks.


    First test went alright….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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