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  • Today's ride with pics – Salisbury
  • boxxer7

    Looks like a good ride, have you got anything showing the route you took? 🙂


    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    looks great, how did you hook up with Miguel Indurain?

    Seven today at Salisbury Racecourse. Raining at the start but it cleared up thankfully.

    Anna B sorted most of the route for us today. There’s a reason for those spare tyres. Nice shorts too.

    The descent from the punchbowl

    The river Wylie

    Nicky showing a bit of leg as usual.

    What’s this, no tanks allowed?

    “Trail’s down this way folks”

    Climb up from Great Wishford

    Tea and cake at the Wilton Shopping Village

    Nice relaxed 26 mile ride today, great company too

    Was stuck in That London this weekend, but that just looks lovely…! Luckily, I shall be spending a nice three day weekend in that part of the world very soon….(Friday can’t come soon enough!)

    Anna B

    Spare tyre… that’ll be the cake in Wilton! Should have stuck with what the waitress brought out for me first….. Interesting ride home with them over my shoulders, I do wish I’d checked if they were front and rear specific before I spent an hour fitting them though.
    What a top ride, those Dorset Rough Riders are lovely folk, not rough at all!
    Dave the route is in my head….. other Dave may have a GPS thing, don’t know. Could try and explain if you want….

    Anna B

    Because of this very impressive technology, we can see that our route through hare warren looks like a wine glass.


    Is that Salisbury as in Salisbury Plain?

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Check out those shorts! Really cool Anna and I do like the colours. 😀

    Lovely pics and how pretty does the River Wylye look. Do hope that the service in Polly’s Tea Room was quicker than what I normally get.

    Can I ask where that bit of singletrack is please?

    The Polly in town (not Polly’s!) shut and is now a Côte Brasserie. I miss Michael Snell. 🙁

    Anna B

    Oh thanks CG! good old minx girl…… 🙂 I love them, and because they’re not baggy I can move back off the saddle a lot easier, my enduras just get caught all the time.

    The pics are great, and the river does look lovely, that’s at Hanging Langford. Service in the tea room was a little odd….. but can’t really complain about tea and cake!

    Do you mean the singletrack with me looking back in the photo?

    CG, that was the descent into Hanging Langford.

    Polly’s was fairly quick service and nice tea but managed to get Anna’s requested Carrot Cake confused with a bottle of Coke 🙄

    The shopping village looked like a victim of the recession IMO.

    Yes, Salisbury as in Salisbury Plain. Didn’t get as far as there though.

    BTW the straight looking bit at Harewarren is through a jump spot that runs close to the road.

    Anna B

    Carrot Cake confused with a bottle of Coke

    It was funny though…….
    me: I haven’t got my cake
    waitress: it’s all being brought out together *walks off*
    me: but everyone else has got theirs….

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Thanks for info! Blimey, I would have been dead miserable having to watch everyone else eat their cake. Was it worth waiting for Anna?

    I don’t really know how the shopping village survives although the furniture shop has some seriously nice stuff in there. Got my chicken there. 8)

    Anna B

    The shopping village’s new tactic for survival is to have a market stall there selling £1 a bowl fruit and veg…..
    Post ride cake always worth waiting for! 🙂 (realistically though, 6.5/10)

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