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  • antigee

    [darkside] i like tradition 🙂 80miles with a hill thrown in

    trails on way home in dark and nearly hit a wombat that was bigger than a pig! [/darkside]
    edit Whittlesea Kinglake Yarra trails to stick to OP

    I did 40 miles on Saturday, then 90 on Sunday; both on the road bike. Went for a quick spin on the North Down today but I think the previous days rides had taken their toll on my legs!! That said I rode my Dialled Alpine, which has just been built up after repair and re-spray courtesy of Argos. My goodness I had forgotten what a great frame/bike it is. It’s built up quite heavy but that doesn’t detract from the fun!!

    Friday- took the family to see all the tunnels on the Monsal trail.
    Saturday- A few laps of Sherwood pines and a play on the bike park.
    Monday- Out with the big bike at Wharnecliffe and Greno.

    b r

    Today was a misery-fest on the Natural Tweed, horizontal rain and bloody freezing.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    No riding today but had two days riding in the Elan Valley on saturday and sunday with Mrs stu.

    Elan Valley by multispeedstu, on Flickr

    Elan Valley by multispeedstu, on Flickr


    i did 45 miles up n around the taff trails, on my boardman rigid mtb, was a good ride and weather on sunday, not bad for a 52yr old ex over weight rugby player, do need a better saddle though,cheers steve


    Did a massive ride on Saturday, A recovery ride on Sunday and now it has all gone a bit Wiggins so I’ve been doing DIY interspersed with ibuprofen and Lemsip.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Manchester BMX Arena. Awesome day out!


    Did the Tweedlove big natural around Peebles today . 30 miles and 4310 ft of climbing / pushing. Awful weather and a bit too much pushing up trails that couldn’t be ridden even In good weather.
    Still well organised and above all It was free.


    Gypsy Glen on Saturday morning followed by a few sections at Glentress. Peebles was rocking at the weekend!


    I rode Long Mynd on Saturday to demo two bikes. First time up there and I thoroughly enjoyed it; there were some great unofficial DH runs just off the side of the first big climb that I played on. Pictures taken at the top of the first descent which was an absolute hoot. The weather was fab and the views awesome, so much so that I can’t wait to get back ip there.

    Banshee Rune before it hot covered in mud and sheep poo on the Minton Batch descent which I thoroughly enjoyed too.

    Covett, same place, loop legs were feeling it a bit by this point.

    Gong for the Rune…should hopefully pick it up next at the weekend (frame only).

    Rode Hopwas woods yesterday morning, mucking about on the short DH runs and jumps on the BFe which was good fun and not too strenuous.

    Did forty miles on the road bike this afternoon….in a very strong wind. The lady few miles were torture, but glad I got out. Legs felt pretty tired though, I was aiming to do more but the combination of tired legs and strong winf meant that I sussed out. Was lovely when I it out of the wind.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Went to the park (on my 29er HT) intending to arse about on the skate ramps, there were too many teenagers so I got embarrassed and turned away.

    3 laps of the almost absolutely most local short ST, bit of an off at the start of the 3rd lap, sore thumb banged up shoulder.

    Did a couple of laps of the BMX track on the way home, almost had to remind the giggling groms that my taxes paid for it.

    Just a quick 10miles out of Skipton, up Embsay onto Black Park/Rhylstone moor and back. Really happy we got all the way up without stopping for a breather!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    100 miles and sunburn yesterday, 9 miles and arm warmers today


    Rocketdog; didn’t you get sunburnt last bank holiday too?

    My roadie tan has progressed a bit after today…lines at the top of my arms is worse and I’ve now got glove tan lines too.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Rocketdog; didn’t you get sunburnt last bank holiday too

    yep, had sunscreen on and everything yesterday too, tan lines are pin sharp


    Good lad. I didn’t bother today with sun cream…I’ll just deal with looking silly!

    Missed yesterdays Hope ride with the lads due to 2 days of hard drinking, live music and sunshiiiine. Had a little job to do today, co-incidentally in Hope – so would have been rude not to!

    Just a little one, up Roman Road, down The Beast, up A57/Rowlee Farm, down Hagg Farm berms, climbed back up to Hope Cross and down the grass rather than Roman Road – drop-off at the bottom. Lovely!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Good lad. I didn’t bother today with sun cream..

    well I work with skin cancer patients which tends to make me cover up


    Hit Cwmcarn on each of the 3 days using Strava for the first time and I have set myself a goal of a sub 55minute lap by the end of the summer!
    Chuffed that I managed a 59 on Sat a 56.50 on Sunday 😀 then a 58.20 today – my legs died today 🙁
    I’m not bragging but I was chuffed especially as this is the first time I have ever done non stop laps around the Twrch……..and to top it off the weather was amazing this weekend!


    Second ride in a row with minivader on the tagalong who insisted we go out…. this coming from a boy who hasn’t shown any inclination to ride before now…. I may have done a small jump of joy 8)


    Hilly 32 miles Sunday, Flatter and faster 40 miles today. All road, all local. Nice though, good weather and very windy.
    Quite happy with the low mileage though, a long week of commuting has left my legs a bit tired.


    Tywi track, loads of lovely Mid Wales splashy fun. Shame about the idiot motorbikers who left their bbq’s festering at the side of the trail. But it didn’t spoil a great day out. Willow-pooch cut one of her pads though and limped the last km or so back to the car. Bless her, she’s such a good dog.



    Blimey MrPhil no wonder you nearly killed me when rode round the Wirral with you. Yesterday did black then blue at Llandegla happily quiet on the trails despite busy carpark, cracking day.

    To be fair the we were going at a good pace that day. Not been out much really so was good to get a good leg stretch in.

    Wasn’t a quick ride more grinding on. Next one will be bigger, bottom bracket and phone battery let me down.

    Was good to ride Degla Blue, keep the legs going and it’s a very fast trail.


    Local trails in the last couple of days, but Dunwich Heath and Forest with my brother-in-law today, interspersed by a pint of Humpty Dumpty at the Ship and an ice cream on the beach………happy daze!

    Nipper99, your Gower jaunt gets my vote. Had a stonking time going round Rhosilli Down a couple of years ago, and also up the hill behind Oxwich Bay the year before that.

    Didn’t fancy the bank holiday traffic chaos. Train to Weymouth and a coastal route home, on a salsa ti Fargo with 40mm tyres

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Long spin around the Warwickshire Pyrenees, trying to test the Prince Albert which I’ve reluctantly changed to 2×9 from 1×9 for a forthcoming trip. Trouble is, there are not really any hills that need a granny round here…
    Cracking day out on many a cheeky trail, many of which are normally a total mudfest.


    Train from South Manchester to Hathersage. Ride home 75% off road…

    …and loop around Malham Tarn from Settle with a few extras thrown in 🙂

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Hope y’all had a great weekend.

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