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  • Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Dorsetshire for me. New territory was explored but no pics.

    Rode out to the coast for an ice cream this afternoon (89km) then after watching the F1 I nipped out again up to Rivi Pike and back (18km)
    Such a lovely day!

    Rather pleasant by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    Beach life by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 🙂 by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Pook

    jacobs ladder loop from Hayfield with Hora and Skiprat. Cracking. In more ways than one – we saw a 4×4 split a 2 ton bed rock in two driving like a pillock.


    Helvellyn with Junkyard and Donk – up Keppel Cove and down Dollywagon Pike. Broke my rear mech and a mech hanger, and Junkyard, but a cracking day out. 🙂

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    my 2nd ever century around Warwickshire and Worcestershire, didn’t plan to go that far, it just happened.lovely day for it


    Only 7hrs out your battery ?

    I did 110miles over the lecht yesterday for the 3rd time in 5 weeks so a leisurely spin round to raemoir for some lunch today and back via falls of feugh

    Premier Icon tthew

    4 day weekend, and the MTB’s not leaving the shed. 🙁
    Family time yesterday, repaired a sunken patio today and off London Village tomorrow and Tuesday. Everyone on the Wednesday evening work ride’s going to get their legs ripped off.

    Me and my fellow onone rider had a superb few hours around rivington this morning. I struggled to keep up with him on his plush fox forks and scandal frame as it was my first time on my singlespeed inbred. Think I need to fettle my rings a little.


    Well as he said Hellvelyn and Dollywagoon descent. I am not that broken I just hurt more than I would like but that is going over the bars and landing on rocks with your ribs 🙄
    Somehow managed to do it on a tame and non technical [ well relatively] part of the descent after dollywaggon steps*

    Cracking day out with awesome weather

    * I am not claiming I cleaned them but I did not crash…dont mention the failure to unclip moment

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    trail_rat – Member

    Only 7hrs out your battery ?

    it’s about 6 years old and knackered, surprised it lasted that long, it tend to zero the calorie count too, which it did today, so add 2k more for accuracy

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    Mam Tor, Hollins Cross, Potato Alley, Lockerbrook, WLT. Dusty. Ace. 😀


    Into town and back for day three of the town music festival, trailer loaded up with kids, picnic and assorted consumable sundries..

    It was belting hot, excellent craic with some entertaining shenanigans, a bazillion friendly faces and a good day had by all..
    Missed the reggae band in the evening though as my oldest son would much prefer to be at home getting some peace and quiet and had been more than patient enough by 8pm..

    Premier Icon psling

    Reckon you earned that icecream simondbarnes!

    Me, I set out on a long all day ride in the FoD. Stopped at daughter’s (13km) for a brew, next door neighbours were firing up the bar-b-que so spent the next four hours sat in the sun eating, chatting, drinking and then rode home again 8)


    Local road ride yesterday, Cannock this morning and another roadie ride in the morning before going to a local Bower!


    Roadie ride for us today, 107 miles across Cheshire, fab weather, tired legs for the last few miles!

    Premier Icon simmy

    Nipped out on the old raleigh, was just gonna nip round block but felt good so kept going for a couple of hours just down the old railways.

    No Garmin with me so guessing only about 10 miles or so but on a 24 year old boneshaker it feels like double.

    Quick loop of Rivi tonight on the Orange.


    We also did hellvellyn but from martindale and never made the top as we had a few mechanicles and flats including an xtr pedal coming off the axle! Thorough searching of glenridding and patterdale eventually turned up an old pair of spd’s courtesy of the kind chap at the boat hire place on the lake! Ride salvaged but did sticks descent instead which was the verge of rideable in places and then the descent to dale end, fab day in the sun on dusty trails!


    Had a ride around the Wrekin with the nippers slow pace but a great couple of hours with the kids 🙂


    Nowhere yet, hoping to get out on it tomorrow..

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Friday at Loch Coire Fionnaraich

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Trip out round Gower for me. Llanmadoc Hill looking towards Worms Head / Rhosilli Down.

    Gower 001 by jamesanderson2010, on Flickr

    Premier Icon GRAEMEJONES

    Earlyish one at Delamere .

    [/url] Untitled by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

    [/url] Untitled by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

    [/url] Untitled by santarocky, on Flickr[/img]

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Hard to take pics when your out by yourself but had this on demo for the weekend so went out for a good couple of rides. Was out as guest of a local pub scoping and mapping rides for them so they can sent people out with more confidence.

    Rocky Mountain in the Sandy Trails by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Altitude Demo by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Tin Dragon Information by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr


    Sure was a lovely day for it.

    I had a little scouting ride round a local quarry then guinea pigged the first bit of a new trail i’m working on. Made a little vid too and as usual there’s a crash but there’s also dust.



    Rode to Cilcain from the Wirral, then up Moel Famou/Moel Arther. Took a quick stop in Ruthin for a small feed then went to Llandegla via the Pondarosa, finished part of the Blue run then rode home.

    All in all a nice 71 mile trip.


    South Boundary trail, between Taos and Angel Fire, New Mexico—I am absolutely whipped.
    I think the years are catching up with me–that seemed much easier 15 years ago

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Mirfield and Dewsbury from Benj’s book…… he’s right about the secret singletrack….. 😀


    From home to St Ives via Shipley golf course Lane onto Druids Altar, lovely views over Aire valley then down along cheeky trails to river Aire back home, W Yorks, Bingley, lovely little ride.


    Went to see Muse @ Emirates, out on Mendip later today when caught up with sleep


    Dawn raid on Swinley. First time there, empty at 7.30 am, packed by 10.30. Some nice trails and lovely berms although they seem to be breaking up already. Ironincally my favourite bits were the natural stuff on the red route.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Managed to shoehorn a cheeky wee West Wight 40 miler on the road bike in between watching the Scottish Cup final and hours of backbreaking toil weeding the garden.

    Lovely day for it all.

    Working today though. 😥

    Premier Icon Alex

    Rubbish pic

    Pete on Billy’s by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    but fantastic ride. Five great descents in Symonds Yat. How can you not love a ride that goes ‘grounded, dead-end-down, buckstone, two-headed sex beast and bunker followed by beer’. My bike has some kind of dried mud on it. No idea what it’s called.


    Pook dont forget spinning the wheels of a disco in reverse parallel to the bridleway so he could winch his mate up…

    Premier Icon bigad40

    Just did 13 miles of the north downs from home.
    Four horses, some walkers, a runner some roadies going for Olympic gold.
    Not a single mountain bike…
    Back before boys and Mrs out of bed.
    Everyones happy.


    Did just under 55 miles on the road bike yesterday morning, up early and home just after 9. Lovely quiet roads, saw a few deer on the road, toured Ayrshire’s finest shit holes – Auchinleck, Catrine, Cumnock. Lovely ride despite the places I passed through.


    First ride back after AC joint dislocation 3 weeks ago so just did 32 miles on a charity ride. By heck it was good to be back out. Heading out today too 🙂


    Out yesterday in the sunshine, took the Croix de Fer around the lanes in the morning then took the hardtail out around the trials in the afternoon – a good day 😀


    Blimey MrPhil no wonder you nearly killed me when rode round the Wirral with you. Yesterday did black then blue at Llandegla happily quiet on the trails despite busy carpark, cracking day.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Thrunton woods it was great fun to be out again with friends and nice to get on a trail that tests your skills, I was very rusty but started to warm up by the end.

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