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  • dannyh

    Just thought I’d romanticise a bit about this mornings ride. Nothing particularly gnarly, not a big mountain or anything like that. Just a solid 21 miles on my local stuff, around 700m of climbing.

    But what a day. I’ve been off the bike for ten days or so due to sinusitis and other things, so was desperate to get out. The trails were pretty much dry, even a bit of dust at some points. I rode pretty well in my opinion and cleaned one particular climb that has a steep bank cruelly halfway up that I haven’t got up clean since last year due to the rain and mud. Ripped a few corners without fear of the bike sliding out at the critical moment.

    Saw loads of jays, and a couple of buzzards into the bargain. Even the dog walkers seemed in a reasonable mood.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a slide around in the mud, but the novelty was starting to wear off. Roll on spring.


    I rattled the South Downs on my roadie…. Dear God Hampshires looking mighty fiiiineee !!



    The temperature is pretty good too. It is at the lower end of my optimum which runs from about 6 Celsius to about 18 Celsius. I like the warm too, but I do tend to overheat a bit, so today was absolutely lovely.


    Stuck at home on child care duties today…


    Yup great conditions around Cannock today, felt a bit more energetic than I did yesterday. Fairly quiet as well just a few solos and small groups enjoying the day


    2.5 hours round Leighwoods and Ashton Court followed by a fat bacon bap at Princes Pantry. 8)


    Kids party most of the day now waiting for the inlaws to piss off home as the sunlight fades before my eyes 🙁

    No biking today, still recovering from a hectic week at work. My Body was battered this morning. Done my household chores. So up early tomorrow morning for a ride 🙂

    Still very sore from two crashes yesterday.


    Surrey Hills. Surprising quiet but trails were running like it was summer! Great ride this morning. New trail on Leith good fun but will definitely be the downfall of a few of the weekend warrior mud guard and fluorescent lycra crowd. The steep droppy bits creep up on you blind.
    Suffice to say didn’t get even one nod or ‘good morning’ from the sour faced roadies ubiquitous to that particular part of Surrey 🙄

    Hob Nob

    Great ride round Peaslake today. Must have been the sun in the sky, but I managed to bag me some KOM’s 🙂

    The trails are smashed from the bad weather, but they were dry and dusty, so i’ll forgive them.


    We discovered some new to us cheeky singletrack near Keele in Stoke on our night ride on Friday evening. I couldn’t resist taking my little girl for walk up there today to see if there’s any more to it. There was and we shall return Sunday evening.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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