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    Forking out another £2k on a re-wire of a tired flat seems a waste as we’ll never get the money back.

    You won’t? Surely you will when the mortgage is paid and you sell it?

    That’s the point of the exercise after all.


    Nice to see a happy ending, use the internet to find what you need, then shop local.



    Yes, sat in a pub again as our phone cable has been stolen, so no internet for the whole area.

    Anyway, yes, it was a dripping washing machine hose that had leaked onto a 4 gang extension lead and was tripping the RCD.
    Hose tightened up, extension removed, and tested – no fault at all with the fixed wiring.
    It does need tidying up, but not £1800+ of tidying up!

    As for a new consumer unit – the previous bloke is a con merchant.
    There is one circuit, the lights,that are not RCD protected, meaning the CU was probably fitted pre-2008. No problem in itself. If RCD protection was needed, then an extra RCD, or, RCBO’s could be fitted in the CU. They are still available, and would be very easy to fit and test.
    The other minor points do need looking at, but it’s a mornings work, and is not dangerous.


    Result! 😀

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    Once again, Thanks Alan.

    You really saved us a lot of grief!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Out of interest, are this outfit registered with any of the professional bodies – NICEIC, NAPIT, ELCSA etc? If so, I would make a formal complaint to the.

    Well I’ve looked into this NICEIC only process complaints about completed work, and as the cowboys didn’t actually do anything, other than disconnect one circuit, hence I can’t file a complaint.

    I will be writing to the Management company and trading standards explaining what happened though.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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