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  • Todays big news Subways bread isn’t bread!
  • patagonian
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    I love a Subway when I’m on holiday in the States – if only because being veggie it’s an easy option when on the road. That and a bucket of Coke (brown liquid not the white powder kind) and I know I’ve arrived in America 🙂

    Never have one in the UK.

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    The argument is that it’s bread that doesn’t qualify as a staple, rather than not being bread at all, isn’t it?

    Pretty much, but if that was the story, there wouldn’t be two pages of nitpicking, posturing and urban myths to enjoy!

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    Of all the Fast/Junk food outlets, I think of Subway as being one of the better ones… It’s essentially a build your own sandwich shop, so is as healthy/unhealthy as you make it.

    Lightly toasted, 6″, Ham and cheese sandwich with salad (no sauce) for me, in a choice of (not?) breads… I’m sure it’s far from the finest cuts of meat or cheese, but it does the job.

    Add me to the “everything in moderation” pile.

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    Yeah, it’s not bread in the same way as brioche is not bread. And they have to have a clear (arbitrary?) distinction for tax reasons. Mmm… cake tax.

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    Yeah there is a fair bit of food snobbery on STW. Middle-age and middle-class brings with it the notion of one having “standards” when a younger version of yourself would probably just scoff at such complaints, eat the damn meatball marinara and make a mental note not to do it too often…

    Of all the fast food sold in the UK today Subway is probably a long way from the worst. Anyone ever had a KFC or Domino’s?

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    I’m going to stick my neck out here, but that’s all complete bollocks isn’t it?

    It’s psuedoscience, really.

    Sure, a diet of lobscouse for the rest of your life might ‘sustain’ you but you probably wouldn’t thrive on it. A healthy diet is a varied one, humans are highly adaptable omnivores.

    We’re not designed to live off a single food source. Going ‘if you ate nothing but McD’s you’d die’ is a little disingenuous – you could say the same of carrots or cream cakes, would you argue that carrots aren’t food?

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    God, I’m hungry now.

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    you could say the same of carrots or cream cakes, would you argue that carrots aren’t food?

    If I do, can I eat just the cream cakes and leave the carrots to you?

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    the notion of one having “standards” when a younger version of yourself would probably just scoff at

    Beggars and choosers, innit. Subway would have been a positive luxury as a student, our primary go-to was Pasta A La Cupboard.

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    Anything made using the Chorleywood process isn’t real bread.
    shuffles off to feed the sourdough starter…

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    Anyone ever had a KFC or Domino’s?

    I have. But not very many. Of them all I have probably had Dominos’ most often of the three (ie, including Subway too) but in my 53 years I reckon I still have only ever eaten a Domino pizza about 20 times in total. It’s nothing to do with snobbery though (I love a good kebab, will eat Indian food every day of the week and late night pizzas are great after a few beers). I simply don’t particularly enjoy any of them – they aren’t inedible, they just don’t fill me with joy.

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    when a younger version of yourself would probably just scoff at such complaints, eat the damn meatball marinara and make a mental note not to do it too often…

    I’d eat any old shite in my late teens and early twenties. Once dropped a kebab on a gravel driveway when I was hammered and simply scooped it up and ate it. Mmmm rocks! Used to get a Domino’s meal deal for four on a Thursday evening before starting a 12 hour night shift in a textile mill. Oh and cake, all the cake.

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    Mmmmmm…. haven’t had 1 for ages and now developing a craving for a
    6 inch BMT , lettuce, peppers, olives, tomato, jalapeños, red onion, and South West dressing……..

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    The steak and cheese wrap with everything except onion, peppers and sweetcorn but with extra olives, black pepper and chipotle sauce.

    It is so packed it doesn’t really wrap…haven’t had one for about 4 months and won’t for a while yet…but no issues eating it. It is cheap and not healthy but I know that before I get it, so have no issues with my choice.

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    I’m a huge fan of crap ‘food’ but I really can’t understand how anyone would want to eat anything that smells that bad. It’s absolutely vile!

    Ever had a Greggs sausage roll?

    Oh, wait…

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    Aye thats agood point.

    The sausage rolls from the blue and orange place are truly rotten, how do they make meat taste of noting with a hint of vinegar.

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    Can I have a footlong Italian BMT on honeyoat please? No tomatoes or sweetcorn please and a little bit of Southwest sauce. Then the hurried journey to home/hotel before it gets cold. Mmmmmmmmm

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    I haven’t had a Subway this year. I suspect that’s about to change…

    Footlong BMT on honey oat with “cheese”, lettuce, peppers and chillis and Chipotle sauce please.

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    spicy Italian foot

    I only east cheesy French feet.

    long on herbs

    without herbs

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    Footlong tuna on whatever. Honey/oat if available. Green peppers two deep. Lettuce. Jalapenos. Olives. Lots of fresh onion. Honey mustard sauce. Black pepper.

    Twice a year. Enjoy it. It’s hardly healthy. But neither is most fast food.

    Be assertive if they skimp on the salads ie if they’re faffingly sprinkling two or three pieces of pepper about your sandwich. Flicking a ring or two of onion in the direction of your breadcake.

    ‘What’s that?? I may look like a salad-dodger (because I am that) but just today, of ALL days, please stop helping me dodge salad!

    ‘Pack it full of the salad please’
    ‘Moar pepperrz’
    ‘a little more onion?’

    They’ll get the message.

    Repeat until sandwich is bursting with juicy nom. Thank them and compliment them on a beautiful sarnie.

    Be aware that it will make your face smell and so require double scrubbing after. If bearded be aware that this sandwich will fully impregnate beard with the Mystery Scent Of Subway.

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    It doesnt taste like bread
    It doesnt smell like bread
    Its 10% sugar and I believe a similar amount of semolina


    Its not bread.

    astonishes me how many people eat this shite.

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    astonishes me how many people eat this shite.

    Really? Have you met humanity?

    I don’t eat Subway any more, but what a load of snobs. By all means call it out for being low quality (it is), by all means don’t eat there, but loudly proclaiming it’s not food and you can’t believe how anyone could possibly eat there – you’re just trying to assert your superiority by boasting about high standards. And you’ll protest about this because being a snob is also bad for your ego.

    Get over yourselves.

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