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  • Today, with my bare hands, I ……
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    Removed and refitted a Marathon Plus tyre!

    First day of an Idiots Bike Maintenace course run by an LBS, starting with tyres. And bare hands. Imagine my delight at being given the only Marathon tyre in the pile.

    Felt quite chuffed when I’d done it. Hands are bloody sore now though!


    LIAR 🙂

    Come back when you’ve fitted a Challenge Strada Bianca.

    Until then, unimpressed.


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    Try a 25c Marathon Plus tyre to a DT Swiss road rim. That’s a real bugger!

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    A man is only made once he has managed to toe-in cantilever pads so they don’t squeal and actually slow the bike down.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash


    Pfft. You can’t even do that properly.


    I put some 32 MP,s on my CX bike for winter road tyres, I did think whilst fitting that these are supposed to be nigh on impregnable, if the worst does happen it,ll not be going back on.

    IME Schwalbe tyres are much easier to refit than they are to fit the first time. Once they’ve been on a while they stretch a bit and become a bit more pliable. 700x23c Durano Pluses on a Fulcrum Racing 5 are a pretty snug fit.


    Wait till you get to the advanced class, then they’ll give you a marathon on a 16″ wheel.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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