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  • Today, my postman brought me…a set of Bombers!
  • PJM1974

    55CRs to be exact. After an evening’s fettling they’re fitted to the front of my Wolf Ridge and are ready for an inaugural ride once it stops raining here.

    Initial impressions are good, compared to the Wotans they’ve replaced they’re much more progressive, smoother even straight out of the box and although they eschew a lockout and external travel adjust there’s plenty of fine tuning potential. They’re also easily half a pound lighter too.

    I can’t seem to find any reviews or service guides though. They come with a 20mm spacer in the box, but there’s no fitting instructions, nor are there any detailed disassembly guides online.

    Has anyone else had any joy with their 55s?

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    Have you checked your shoes?


    i have a pair of them. i’m really impressed with their performance.
    i agree with you regarding the spacer….but TBH i’ll leave that for the shop to deal with should i ever decide to reduce the travel.
    i’ve only managed to do a few rides on the forks even though i’ve had them since summer but they felt smooth out of the box and seem to be getting better.
    i’m still playing about with the compression and rebound settings and the air spring to find the best setting for my style of riding but they climb well and descend superbly. steering/tracking is spot on too and they’re not too heavy.


    got some 55rc3’s on my mojo HD.

    They’re a great fork, really supple on small stuff, but dont blow through the travel unless you hit something really big.

    The recommendation for the rc3’s (no idea if this is also true on the other models of 55’s) is to leave the air spring empty, use the preload adjuster to get the sag correct for your weight, and set the compression/rebound adjust to suit you, which for me is about half way in.


    If they’re anything like several sets of the 44’s I’ve come across the postman will be taking them back soon. Sorry if this pisses on your chips


    Home from work and find the postie has delivered a lovely set of pikes. After a bit of a fiddle i can say with confidence that they are black. New forks are cool 😀


    I’d love a set of Pikes but my frame has a 1.1/8th steerer which rules them out…but they’re a colossal bargain and the ones I’ve seen are very black indeed.


    Did someone say bargain Pikes? Please point me in that direction 🙂

    simon side

    I take it all thes new forks are coil and oil and not pressurised objects…. 😀

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    they’re a colossal bargain

    can i interest you in some magic beans?

    my new dual position coil sektors were 233 from crc. they are a bargain.


    When I say “bargain” I’m referring to the comparative price of Fox 34/36s or Bos forks. Not too long ago, a set of top of the line Fox forks cost £539, but since then the sky is the limit and it’s good to see Rockshox offering something of comparative (or better if the reviews are to be believed) ride quality for 2/3rd the price.

    But there’s a swathe of us running either more than one bike or who may be on a limited budget who find it hard to justify the cost of a top end frame and shock on a set of forks which will either wear out or will have no availability of spares within three years.

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