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  • Rob Hilton

    Get refund.
    Spend on bike.
    Ride to work.

    You’ll get properly fit doing that distance 🙂

    Move oop north my season ticket for a half hour train journey is 1k leaving you 2.5k plus your tube fare for a new bike


    do you have to pay it all in one goor can you do monthly payments

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    £3540 – They are joking aren’t they?

    **** that amount you need a new job out of the city.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Motorbike and gain hours of your life back…

    Premier Icon footflaps

    £5900 before tax!


    Could you have gone for a silver or bronze card?


    All that money and it’s not even a Platinum card?


    You must have a decent job?


    The fact you can afford it means I have zero sympathy.


    OMG 😯

    Bet you end up standing every day too!


    christ almighty

    Premier Icon postierich

    a first for STW travelcard willy waving 😀

    ~£15 / day. I can’t decide if that’s a lot or not 😕


    and the worst part about it, is that you end up in Chelmsford every night…. ;o)


    it is a toss-up between bigger and cheaper property/ rent outside of London and the time and money spent commuting in.
    with the increasing rail ticket prices, it’s becoming less and less cheap to live outside.


    Work pay for me to commute from Yorkshire dales to London 🙂 FTW

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Hope you get paid well then, nearly £6k of your salary goes just to get to and from work!

    Boba Fatt

    Or second hand

    Season Ticket renewal

    That’s worth a mighty nice bike 😥

    6th April 2013 by -Cheesyfeet-, on Flickr

    never done motorbikes can’t see me starting either.

    Riding, aim for once a week from about now, seeing as there’s more daylight. riding everyday not really an option as job’s hours can be unpredictable. Luckily get an interest free loan from work to cover this, quite common in the city.

    Still bloody expensive though!

    Premier Icon Stoner

    cheesey – if you ride once a week doesnt that wipe out the bulk buy discount of getting an annual pass? YOu might as well just get a monthly instead.

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    That’s nothing – try it from Colchester! Renewing mine in September, currently at £4376!


    ****.me, thats almost 4 months wages for me!

    Premier Icon househusband

    I dunno… before moving three months ago I was commuting (driving) close to 90miles each day to and from work – reckon that was around £300/month on fuel alone.

    Life is all about choices.


    £3540 – They are joking aren’t they?

    Chelmsford to London google say 35 miles = 70 miles per day.
    Say about 225 ish days worked per year

    So £16 ish per day for a 70 miles round trip into the centre of an international city. Not really that bad is it.

    Compare with driving. 45 mpg car. (70/45)*4.54 = 7.06 L
    Fuel 1.45 per L => £10.24 with no wear and tear, insurance, or parking included.

    Stoner, if I could guarantee a weekly ride then it might, but can’t be sure that it will work out like that. also the ‘off season’ negates any saving potential over an annual, + having to go into work some weekends

    Brick, that’s just the bit in the middle, my Brompton has saved me an absolute fortune either end.

    oh, and that’s nowhere near what some further out pay.

    Per day it’s not too bad, just an ugly amount when you start thinking about it. I was moved from a local office to London. It was either that or leave. It’s worked out OK though

    Premier Icon njee20

    £7760 from Swindon, or £8400 with the tube!

    Just a whisker under £4k for me (Sussex). Managed to avoid buying an annual by riding in some times and working in other offices. Does mean its £38 a day though when I do get the train!

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