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  • To skim or to line.
  • If you can’t face fill with easy fill I would say skim. Lining a ceiling is a nightmare. To be fair I’m a decorator & I would always pay someone to skim a ceiling. Just saying


    I have some cracks in the ceiling. Its flat just hairlines

    Would you skim or line.

    I can skim a wall to a pretty consistant smooth finish but can see a ceiling being a pain in thd hoop.

    I’ve never papered anything.

    Opinions please.


    Yep lining a ceiling is a dog of a job. I’d probably charge more to paper it than a plasterer would to skim it. Ceiling not the best thing to start papering on.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    If its only hairlines then just fill and paint. If they come back then start thinking about skimming.


    I think skimming a ceiling is a doddle if it’s in easy reach.

    No reveals, no sockets, no skirting etc.

    Drop the ceiling rose and get a couple of bags of multi and couple of hop ups and a child to load your hawk. Sorted.


    Are the cracks along the lines of the boards? If so it could be the old cotton scrim tape that was used has perished. No amount of filling will stop it from cracking again if it is the case.


    If you can skim a wall then you can skim a ceiling.
    No real difference.

    I prefer doing ceilings personally, for the reasons mentioned above by olly2097.


    Cheers folks.

    I’ll look at it more.

    Maybe filling and seeing what happens is the way forward. Doesn’t appear to be along board seams.

    Cheers folks

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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