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  • To PUSH or not?
  • lyons
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    I had some old sids serviced, not pushed or anything. The difference was amazing. Ive also owned a gt dhi ( oh how i miss thee!) which had had the fox rear shock, and 888’s set up with different oil weights etc by mojo. The suspension was the best I’ve ever ridden without a question. Far better than standard 888’s and shock.

    So if you are paying 100 pounds or so to get them serviced, and you intend to keep the foks for a while, i think it is definitely worth the extra money.

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    How’s it all work then.
    I’m on the work pc and we can’t get all the links like youtube.
    Can you push coil pikes or is it just air.
    I’m going to send them off to TFT because they need a service and a new spring, I’m 13 1/2 stone and I’m still riding with the one it came with.

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    I believe the PUSH system is fited to the damping mechanisms, not the spring, so both coil and air Rebas/Revs/Pikes can be “PUSH’d” 🙂

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    Tim “Ronseal” Flooks,….

    Does exactly what they claim, stuff gets picked up when they say they will, I get it back when they tell me it will be back. Works every time for me. Pushed stuff works for me, loads more control. Worth a bit more on a regular service..

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    re P&P.

    Using Royal Mail for a package of the weight and value of my set of Pikes I was quoted something like £25, one way.

    Madness. I sent a set of Fox forks in the post today for less than 8 quid.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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