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  • To everyone considering to buy a Maxxis Aggressor…
  • zezaskar

    … don’t

    My Exo rear tyres were lasting about 2 months each so decided to give Double Down casing a shot. My rears were always Minions, either DHRII or DHFs.
    Had a CRC coupon and the only DD tyre they had available for that value was the 29×2.5 Aggressor so decided to try it. STW review said it was a nice all-round tyre, so why not?

    What an absolute waste of rubber.

    The only scenario I can see it as a good option is as a nearly park only, dry flow trail tyre.

    In my experience, after 1 month:
    – very very little rolling resistance advantage to a DHRII, makes a little less noise on pavement and that’s it. A couple more PSI or one extra banana makes more of a difference
    – awful braking grip
    – awful climbing grip on natural trails. A tiny root? You’re done
    – the casing texture in between the knobs holds mud and dirt like velcro
    – if there is any small soil change in the middle of the corner, your rear end will let you know
    – can hold reasonable grip in corners if there is no moisture on sight

    I can see it working for a guy riding in, let’s say, Malaga, who only shuttles or climbs in smooth dry fireroads. And that’s it.

    I know I’m comparing Exo Minions to a DD Aggressor, but come on…


    PS: sorry for the rant

    Premier Icon robertpb

    I found it a lot faster rolling than a DHR WT 2.4. Grip wise a lot better than it looks only took it off the back and put the DHR on for the mudfest. I’ve been running 23psi on the 2.3 version, so that perhaps makes a difference to my impressions.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    I’ve ran the 2.3 and 2.5 on the rear in Exo, no issues with Golfie, Innerleithen etc. It’s faster, fun and a good balanced tyre IMHO. Run in something chunkier through the winter but I reckon it’s just not right for you.


    There’s the very distinct possibility that I just suck at riding and need to rely on a really grippy tyre to make it work.

    I’m considering to get a set of Rimpact inserts to replace my current Huck Norris (useless, imo). That’ll likely allow for lower pressures and I’ll see how the Aggressor works like that

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    I do have a Vittoria Airliner in the rear but wouldn’t say I run super low pressures. You do need to trust the tyre. I haven’t ridden a Minion SS which is probably the faster option but I think the Aggressor works well as a “summer” tyre.


    Had a Minion SS about an year or so ago.
    For what it was, a summer tyre, actually preferred it Vs the Aggressor. Had better cornering grip once you committed to properly lean the bike and was actually really fast rolling. Climbing grip was not that much worse than the Aggressor. Only lasted one month though

    Premier Icon russyh

    I got on fine with the aggressor, better in the summer months for sure.  But it’s by far not the worse rear tyre in the world.  But tyres are very much personal preference, I hear and see people using a DHF as a front tyre I found it bloody lethal! I got a friend who runs Nobby Nica front and rear year round, I find them woeful in any condition.

    Premier Icon peekay

    I’ve run DD 2.5WT Aggressors on the rears of my hardtail and full suspension bikes for the last 3 years. Usually paired with a 3C Exo 2.5WT Minion DHF up front.

    Through dry British summers trails, wet slippery winters, full UK national Enduro Series, several overseas trips including big mountain uplifts weeks, playing on world cup DH runs, bike parks and 100 mile XC epics and they have never let me down. I find that they are more than adequate in most conditions and have never punctured or burped.

    Sure there may be marginally faster/grippier/better tyres for each ride /condition, but for somebody who likes to just ride and not faff around worrying or changing tyres each time there is a dark cloud in the sky or dry spell forecast they seem to work well for me.

    I stocked up a few months ago when Maxxis were doing a BOGOF deal so will be running them for the foreseeable future.

    Just goes to show that tyre preference is individual.

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper

    I ran 2.3 and 2.4 WT Aggressors during the summer and found the fine. The 2.3 is much faster rolling than the 2.4 WT but both were faster than the DHRII’s they replaced. I can see how they can be a marmite tyre but they suit me fine as a halfway house between a Minion and a Minion S/S for the rear. I tried the S/S and found it way too jekkyl/hyde when going from the centre to the side knobs so the way the Aggressor is consistent suits me.

    Which reminds me, I should source a new 2.3 soon before the decent weather arrives!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I wasn’t sold on it myself, but not so strongly… Seems like the 2.3 DHR2 covers much the same ground but maybe more important, any time I want less grip and more speed than a DHR2, I want a lot more speed so I fire on a rockrazor. The aggressor just seems to fall in no-man’s land between the two.

    But to be fair, the dhr2 is a fantastic tyre, aggressor is still better than most I’ve used.


    The thread title was obviously clickbaity and tong in cheek, so feel free to share your positive experiences.

    I have no doubts the Aggressor will suit some people quite well.

    Also, for sure there are many worse tyres than it. The thing is, looking at the DHRII, the , in my case, very few advantages of the Aggressor don’t make up for all the disadvantages, not even close.

    Glad to know so many people get along with it, makes me think about selling it for a more grateful owner

    Premier Icon clubby

    Didn’t like it either. Not enough braking grip and hard wet steep stuff. Can see if being good in dry dusty stuff, where it would get chance to dig in.
    Tyres a very personal choices. Mate and I ride the same stuff. He loves High Roller 2’s, I don’t rate them at all.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Was a bit too specialist for my use. Very good during the long heatwave though.

    Other better options for UK use now.

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    I had an EXO (bent it on a shonky off-camber drop) and a Double Down (terminally sliced on it’s first ride).

    I’ve not had the chance to test how good the grip was 🙂

    I do have an aging 2.4 High Roller II on the rear at the moment, only due to what I had lying around at the time I built the bike up. Going to swap it for a DHR II soon though, probably in 2.4 Exo or Exo+ maybe?

    Premier Icon Yak

    I quite like it, but not now in the winter. Got a dhf on the back now, but will use the aggressor in the dry as it is quicker.


    * Not very stealthy advert *
    I have a 27.3 2.3 Exo Aggressor that’s only been used for a couple of rides, if any aggressor fan wants it for £15 posted drop me a message at d4vew4lsh at gmail dot com.


    Double Down (terminally sliced on it’s first ride).

    Had two DD Aggressors. First one died after a fairly heavy impact and wasn’t able to be saved. The DD carcass didn’t seem to help it much. Second one, it’s replacement cut in exactly the same spot, but I was able to revive it using some persistence and worms.

    I’m generally not too fussed about rear wheel grip. Happy the let the rear drift and do its thing, but it needs to be robust.

    Only went for the Agressor as it was the only maxxis offering that didn’t come in some fancy rubber mix (that generally wear too quickly and the side knobs rip). My riding is roughly 90% alpine with a 50/50 mix of grind up/uplift.

    Will replace with something other than maxxis next time round. Don’t find the DD to be all that.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Sadface that GW definately isn’t back on the forum.
    If he was this thread would have flushed him out.
    Come back GW I miss your brutal honesty
    Though Minion SS’s aren’t for everyone on Golfy trails in the wet.

    Premier Icon lightfighter762

    Minion on Golfie…. I will have an ambulance waiting in the golf club car park. Every Aggressor I have had never lasted more than month riding steep stuff or off piste. Just changed out at soonest really. Like a mundane all terrain.

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    I’ve got one on the front of my xc wheelset that gets bolted on the smuggler for midweek xc stuff. It’s alright, it was cheap and has a strange cornering characteristic, sort of slides a bit then hooks up.

    Would I put it on the back for proper riding, hell no. If I wanted a faster rolling tyre than a dhr2, then it would be a maxxis minion ss or specialized slaughter. Much better side knobs and about the same under braking as the aggressor

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Aggressors work well in the Lakes on rocky trails, but expect nothing in wet grass or slop. I found they climbed well, particularly on rocky root step ups.

    I also killed every pair I had. 1 EXO and 3 DDs gashed split ripped dead. Totally gone off Maxxis… Perhaps too quick to judge as I did the same to a Schwalbe Super Gwrvity down Garburn and ripped a know off and a big hole in the casing.


    Gotta say I’d agree with RussyH on tyres as a whole especially the examples he gave

    No experience of Aggressors here mind
    I’ll just make do with my forekasters in 2.35” that seem to be nice riding on the 120mm ht albeit the rear rubs the frame just a tad under load with naff all mud clearance

    I gotta say though Maxxis are dialed generally for whatever standard compound they use and the array of tread patterns

    Schwalbe & Conti are my least fav for grip & reliability

    Premier Icon lightfighter762

    OT , I love forkaster 2.6s! Some of my best days in the tweed valleyin summer + procore on a commencal meta trail.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    There’s the very distinct possibility that I just suck at riding and need to rely on a really grippy tyre to make it work.

    Some people manage wet slippery climbs on skinny little XC tyres so this is indeed a possibility 😉

    Seriously though soil, mud, rocks and trail composition vary a lot between locations in all sorts of subtle ways. I mean we waffle on about details of tyre carcass and rubber composition whilst being oblivious to the characteristics of the thing we are trying to get the tyre to stick to. So horses for courses. The only way to find the right tyre is to keep buying the damn things til you’re happy.

    Premier Icon mudfish

    I like the 27.5 2.4 WT DD Aggressor (dual) on the back of the geometron. I liked the 2.3 version too
    Maybe with that bike the front does almost all the work
    If riding at FOD it’s pretty much good year round.
    Of course it’s no good in sticky mud so the South Downs where I live, no chance in the wet.
    Slaughter and Razr likewise. I found the Aggressor quite a lot better than those two though.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I like the aggressor – I’ve had 3 summers out of an aggressor 2.3 exo 3c so far. Expect it’ll do the next one too. I run a 2.3 dhr2 exo 3c on both bikes during the winter – I don’t find it feels quicker when I swap to the aggressor I’m the spring – but I feel the slower rolling when I swap back to the dhr2 in the late autumn.

    Dhr2 smashes the aggressor for outright grip with drive forward and braking though.

    The new Dissector looks like the Aggressor done much better.

    Maxxis on the front, great (Minion DHF 2.5 is just a stonkin front tyre)…

    …but not the rear.

    Sidewalls just can’t take it. Gave up on them after too many split/died.

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