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  • Premier Icon Drac

    Claim for what exactly?


    I’d say you’re still in a right state and now isn’t the time to be making that kind of decision. Be thankful that you aren’t mangled, wait until you’re calm(er), then think about it.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    First off I hope you’re ok – sounds like it could have been quite nasty.

    Are you genuinely traumatised and / or injured (not questioning your integrity but a question for you to answer to yourself). if the answer is yes then claim – that is why we are insured – in case we injure someone or damage their property.

    For example I stopped at a zebra crossing and the kid behind me didn’t. Despite my insurers best attempts to get me to make a claim I wasn’t hurt and therefore didn’t claim.

    However a few years ago I was knocked off my bike and sustained a really quite serious shoulder injury and did claim.


    Danny B


    my car is a writeoff

    I’d be claiming for that at least.

    whilst stationary, well over a year ago, i got clipped by a bus. the damnage was minimal, a big scratch. since then i have been innundadted, multiple times a day, by cold calls telling me there are thousands put aside for me to claim.

    the best bit, the accident is still ongoing because multiple passengers in the bus are claiming compensation. there is no way ion this world they would have even felt the bus glimpse my car, not a hope. greedy sods!

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    i have been innundadted, multiple times a day, by cold calls telling me there are thousands put aside for me to claim.

    I get those as well

    But never had an accident (in a car) and never claimed


    t….and the police wanna know if I’m willing to press charges which I am….

    A bit confused about that bit.

    What charges are the police talking about ?


    The charges are for the other driver as he was on my side of the road….

    Premier Icon Cougar


    Hope you’re ok. Cars can be fixed / replaced, people are a bit trickier.

    I’d probably want to claim but be too apathetic to actually get around to doing so.


    That’ll buff right out…


    Dammit! Glad you are ok chap. Take it easy for a few days ok?

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    If that happened this morning I’d say all you need to think about today is relaxing, getting better and buying a lottery ticket. The rest can wait. If the cops think he was committing an offence, I’m not sure what it’s got to do with you, they have a duty.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Glad you’re ok.

    As for the whole claim thing.

    Give it time. Anythign you do will take time to sort out anyway.

    Keep a diary from now on of any pain, panic issues etc you have as a contemporaneous diary will help if you decide to claim later on.

    Tonight, celebrate being alive and worry about the rest next week!


    Claim for the car…no brainer.

    Press chargers…no brainer.

    Claim for injuries…too early for that. Even if clearly injured you would normally wait until the full extent of the injuries are clear, the recovery period, time off work etc. If you are paid sick leave your company will take some the loss of earnings compensation to cover your absence. If you’ve knocked any teeth out then ongoing cost of dental and cost of denture replacements for the future would be paid for. If you have serious injuries you may not actually claim for the cash for several months/a year.


    I got hit virtually head on this morning by another car driven by a driver….I’m lucky to be alive my car is a writeoff….being strapped down with a neck brace in the ambulance kicked off a panic attack the poor crew had to get me to sign a waiver in case I did have a serious neck injury so that I could sit up….even after they had given me morphine… I am still traumatised by the crash and by the panic attack from being strapped in like that…I couldnot move but felt like I was going to vomit….the insurance company wanna know whether I want to pursue a claim which I normally would be against….and the police wanna know if I’m willing to press charges which I am….luckily no one else including the other driver who was a young lad late for work who mayhave been under the influence …so do I claim or not ?

    Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    My missus claimed: genuine whiplash as a passenger in a vehicle that was shunted by something accelerating up behind them as they waited to enter a busy roundabout. It affected her for months and months.

    One thing that I always think about when I hear these discussions that I wonder if people bear in mind.

    If needs must (like my missus) fine, but just for those folks out there that try for an non-genuine one-off chancer. If you’ve had a payout on something like whiplash there is a chance that any kind of life/medical insurance you may want in the future you won’t [easily] be covered on spinal issues due to pre-existing condition that you WILL have had medically recorded for your accident.

    As others have said give it a few days at least and see how you feel physically and psychologically.

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