To all the dad’s, happy fathers day.

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  • To all the dad’s, happy fathers day.
  • wrightyson

    And I don’t why I’m awake first in the house. How bloody annoying!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    A Halfords advanced screwdriver set for me.
    I get to go for a bike ride in the daylight today too!

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    God bless my 6yo, she’s made me a card that says “Daddy, you are one in a Melon” 😀

    Some jazzy socks and Stan & Ollie DVD for me, plus an egg and bacon sandwich breakfast.


    Our lad’s still asleep after a night out, I’m about to go for a ride so maybe see something by lunchtime??

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I got a card with Top Farter on it. I assume it’s German.


    And…. the wife’s woke up with a hangover! Not going well so far, son (14) stopped at a mates last night as paint balling this morning and daughter(17) , well shes 17 so I’m not sure when she’ll wake up.
    Back to sleep I think and hold out for that brew in bed….

    Premier Icon Bregante


    To be fair, my Mrs did try to bring me a brew but couldn’t get the coffee machine to work (coffee grounds needed emptying)


    Not sure what is going in but I think there has been a disaster- heard one of my 10 yr olds scream out now I have been told I need to stay in bed a while longer.

    Premier Icon akira

    My service has been duly recognised with some cards and a mario t shirt. Made my own breakfast and tea.

    Premier Icon bodgy

    My little lad had his ’first proper sleepover’ at a friends house last night, so i’m feeling surprisingly sad about him not being here. 🙁

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Happy Father’s day to the fellow dads. 😎

    Two cards, one home made, a mug, some nice looking cupcakes and some smelly stuff. Up early to grab a ride too.

    Time for a brew.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    One daughter was working till midnight so will turn up before she goes to work again. Other daughter arrived home at 2am after a long drive back from South Wales riding, salvaged a weekend riding after the Malvern cancellation and is still asleep.
    Bacon is out ready for breakfast and I’m going to walk the dog whilst he has a sleep in.
    Not looking good for a fathers day family ride.

    Premier Icon moonsaballoon

    Stuck at work today but just got sent a video of my 6 year old shouting “happy farters day” which was nice 😀

    Premier Icon daviek

    At work but home on Thursday, when i got here found cards in my bag which I’ll open when i get a chance.
    I have to admit though before i left I forgot about it until I found the cards so forgot about my dad 🙁 a phone call and much begging in a wee while.


    My o my this is turning in to a “special one”

    I’ve broke, I needed tea so I got up to witness
    1 Mrs ws is on the verge of coma, if I was to photograph her now and post it the ban hammer would be delivered in seconds
    2 walked past the daughter’s bedroom, door is fully closed this means DO NOT DISTURB!
    3 Entered lad in to race, thought I’d send a nice screen grab over to show what a cool dad I am, no reply
    4 The dog, the dog, the only one so far to get me a present, but what kind of present you ask, a beautifully presented ex pile of dog food delivered sometime in the early hours.

    Cup of Tea is bang on though 🤣


    Good to see Google acknowledge the day by completely avoiding calling it Fathers day.

    Happy Parent Day!

    Premier Icon davosaurusrex

    Three home made cards, fried egg and bacon on toast twice, box of Turkish delight and the lego creator shark 3-in-1 set which is a very cool little set indeed. Bosh!

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Edit: can’t be arsed, its tea o’clock.


    As CFH says..




    Premier Icon northshoreniall

    Sat here with my nearly 5 week old boy, surprisingly emotional at 1st fathers day. Been long and challenging route to get here, its awesome.


    My local pub restaurant’s chef has gone ill – 100 fathers day meal cancellations, the local mcdonalds will be busy!

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    Everyone been up for 2 hours, and nothing. Zip, zilch, nada, dim byd. Will wait and see if and when the youngest 3 give me the things they’ve made in school I know they’ve done, they might save them for next year, who knows.

    Had a happy fathers day from the middle 2, which is nice. Youngest keeps running into my feet on his scooter and laughing which is kind of cute and eldest still in a massive sulk after failing to win an (yet another almighty explosive) argument yesterday. Happy happy joy joy!

    All 4 of them have had breakfast and now doing their own things. Sitting here with my 4th cup of tea.

    Full fried breakfast and a Black And Decker Alligator.


    Woken at 6:30.

    “Let daddy have a lie in”

    Cue 40 mins of desperately stuffing the quilt over my ears and trying to drown out various sodding Moana songs (mrs RRR kindly put on the dvd to keep the kids quiet (plugged into the hifi no less 😐)

    I got made eggy bread so it’s not all bad.

    Cool homemade card a few cd’s and The Big Lewbowski dvd. I am the dude, where’s my dressing gown….Mrs has gone out with roadie club so me and anagallis junior may have been to Greggs for breakfast!!

    Premier Icon hatter

    Got up with the nippers, made thier breakfasts as well as my own, got a mug and 3 cards, now sat at the skatepark watching them fall over in progressively more amusing ways.

    Love it TBH, been working way too much and seeing way too little of them recently, they’re such good company ATM.

    Planning a monstrously filthy bacon an egg roll for lunch too.

    Just wish it’d stop bloody raining, seriously considering getting back into Zwift… in JUNE!

    Oh eggy bread, I know what I’m having for lunch.

    Between half night shifts, daughter at grandma’s for the day, wife at work…. Going to swap some tyres over soon.

    Woke up at 7am, breakfasted, went for 2 hour ride at 8.30, children not up when I got back. 🙂

    Happy Father’s Day to me! 🙂


    Socks with mountain bikes on them and a bottle of aftershave.

    Happy Father’s Day to my own Dad. Miss him like mad. If you still have yours, give him a shout today.


    Got a homemade card from one of mine saying on the front ‘Just have to say…’ and on the inside…

    You’re weird.

    It made me laugh.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    The father’s Day spend in my shop is around a third of the mother’s Day spend.

    Dads ,I strongly suggest that you buy yourself some bike bits today.

    You deserve it.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Kid free house this am.


    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Or as a friend on FB noted “It’s quite literally Mother **** Day”

    Premier Icon Spud

    A very nice Anthony Oram Cadair Idris mountain print, handmade card and some artwork from my daughter. Was a tad dusty this morning. Sunday lunch being cooked and off to walk the hounds – might let them take me for a pint.

    Currently watching Return of the Jedi with my boy!!

    Premier Icon hillingdonbanana

    A couple of mugs, some glasses and a butt-plug brush…
    Rectum Scrubber


    Got up and went out before the house awoke , Fathers day isnt all that these days …. So chucked a nice 30 miles in and returned to cards from my lad and girl ,chocolate from them that they will eat in time .. But the the big thing .. a Singletrack cup and Coffee !!!! My tastebuds have never been so euphoric ,, 30 cold miles and then a coffee to smile .. cheered up no end !

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Sat here with my nearly 5 week old boy, surprisingly emotional at 1st fathers day. Been long and challenging route to get here, its awesome.

    And that is the best thing I’ve read.  Chuffed for you!

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Cards and a box of mixed ales from Beer Wolf. Tonight is sorted.

    This raised a chuckle here too.

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