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  • Titus Fireline Ti 29 Evo..
  • richt2000

    Strange. On-one/planet -X have had stock for a few months.
    They have had about 15 frames of different sizes in stock for a few weeks.
    suddenly today, every frame is sold out. just like what happened to the codiene…

    So they sold all their stock, or is there a problem with the mk 2 frame ?!??


    RichT, there’s nothing wrong with them, but we have been doing a lot of sale stuff lately so they might have sold through.


    Selling my fireline frame. £500 to include Hope headset, spare mech hanger and chainstay protector. See FS forum here on singletrack / pink bike:



    When replacing 120mm suspension forks with rigid carbon forks, is 470mm axle crown correct? Thinking Salsa advise 483mm as the loaded 100mm fork length, so a 120mm fork replacement should be more?

    Like the On One Carbon Monoocoque fork, but unsure if axle crown is long enough at 470mm.


    Anyone else built up the 650b version of this frame? I’ve just finished building mine up. Rides like a dream come true 🙂
    Build is:
    Ti fireline evo 650b frame
    Rockshox yari 140mm fork
    Sram x01 1×11 drivechain
    Easton heist wheelset
    Sram guide rsc brake set
    On one carbon bars
    On one 50mm stem
    Rockshox reverb dropper


    650b version? are you talking about running it 650b+?

    Premier Icon fatbikedog

    Thinking of making mine 650+. Any one done this? Does the bottom bracket end up too low?


    No it’s actually a 650b made version. Think maybe one of just a few or perhaps unique. Wondered if anyone else had one the same


    I bet it was one they made the chainstays too short, so decided to sell as a 650b!!!!

    I’m tempted to try mine as a 650+ too – met a guy at QECP NGE last weekend who had done it to his Canfield.


    Nice, seen a few done before online with the plus tyres, look pretty mean!
    It rides amazing so don’t know why they hadn’t made more like mine.


    Good to hear that! I don’t know if you’ve ridden one, but the 29er version is awesome too. As aggro as my old C456, but with the “rollover” of a 29er and the Ti zing.

    Premier Icon thv3

    Just a quick update for mnutt if he see’s this. ❓

    He sent an e-mail, asking about sizing, but there seems to be a problem with his e-mail address?
    mnutt, can you try again or send a different e-mail address?

    Long and short of it is, I’m 5ft9 and riding the 16″. Very happy with it, and would probably also have been ok on the 18″.


    Titus fireline evo owners please step up and give me your honest opinions. Another ‘which bike should I buy’ post, but it is what it is.

    I have to sell my newly built up carbon lovely full susser, need to liberate some funds. So I have decided on a tough and rumble hardtail as my one and only bike for the foreseeable future. The two choices, about the same price.
    1. Titus Firemen evo, with revelation forks and gx1 groupset from On one

    2. Kona Honzo 2016 steel, with fox 34 forks, xtr groupset and mavic crossmax xl wheels.

    Both lovely bikes. My riding is a lot of up before ether down, smooth and rough. Long day rides and lots of short single tracks.

    Which would you choose, given the spec difference. I am leaning towards the honzo, simply because of the wheels and I think it is a better looking frame :-o) But a titanium frame – finally now within reach – should I ?

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    First ride on mine yesterday- loved it. My first 29er, it felt very capable and stable. My average speed went up by 2mph (that might be new bike syndrome though!) Looking forward to many more miles on it.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop


    Will the current Titus Fireline Evo take 27.5+ rubber?
    I haven’t read the preceding 975 posts, so please excuse is been discussed!

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