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  • robowns

    Reading this thread is really not inspiring. So the raw one has loads of tooling marks from new, whilst the painted ones have paint that flakes off?


    weak paint was well known on these, (partly why i went for raw), and a few tool marks i couldn’t care less about.. but i expect headset/seattube/bb etc to be right sizes. for the price its still an amazing frame – weird the simplest tube on it would be wrong!

    well done brant for being here and looking for users, and i’m sure they’re selling boatloads. now will have to add seattube size to my wishlist over on mtbr :/

    if someone else with reverb would confirm its snug that might tell us something? like whether there’s a batch of oversize tubes. not sure if this one is reamed or just welded in at factory.
    they got the headtube fit right now though! hope Pic n mix went in lovely. watch out lower D cup (ooh err) probably gives a steeper head angle, it goes right in. might post photo later.

    hmmm maybe could all EG owners here say what seatpost you have and if it rattles about or falls down under its own weight without clamp? i’m guessing on-one’s seatposts may be oversize 😉
    edit: and when you bought the frame please.


    Kore carbon seatpost fits perfectly, as does my Specialized command post

    Premier Icon Rio

    Easton seat post fits perfectly in mine. Frame is about 2 weeks old.

    hi. first post btw 🙂

    @ smiff
    “hope Pic n mix went in lovely. watch out lower D cup (ooh err) probably gives a steeper head angle, it goes right in. might post photo later.”

    I’d be really interested in seeing this. Think I’m going to get this frame (in black) but I would be using a 180mm fork (Domain 318) so if I can lose anything off the a2c height that’ll be good

    Am prepared to whack a 160mm spring in it if I feel it’s too much (or if I’ll void my warranty! – Brant?)


    Premier Icon brant

    Warranty is for manufacturing defects.


    I’ve got the hope pick n mix with a 160mm fork on mine, doesn’t feel steep at all. It may help to raise the BB though.

    Also I bought mine at the same time as smiff and my seatposts (Giant Connect and Answer Hyperlite) fit fine without slipping.

    Brant – understood but is the frame covered if I’m using a 180mm fork (with internal bottom cup HS) ?

    I watched the video review on the On-One site and the beardy chap is running a 170mm fork. So if I’m using the Hope P n M ‘D’ cup which apparently “goes right in” and a 180mm Domain the actual change in geo should be minimal, right?


    Stack height for the lower hope cup for 1.1/8 forks is only a couple of mm at most so 180 with that should be similar axle to crown as a 170 fork and normal headset.

    Yeah – figured. Think it should be fun with the extra travel too! Good news re seatpost – have an Easton EC70 Zero Carbon on order. Then again I presume my Reverb will be the post of choice eventually



    It would fly for sure! It climbs so well with the 160 I don’t imagine you’ll lose too much in that respect and you’ll have a beast going down and the benefit of a slightly higher bottom bracket.


    sorry posted this to wrong thread. here’s my EG with Hope D and 1-1/8 revs

    should taken photo level but its about 5mm vertical from frame edge to crown race. “right in” was exaggeration then :p

    so yeah i’d recommend this headset for 160-170mm forks (you want tapered steerer i think at those lengths though?). for 150m revelation i’m looking for a taller lower cup, thinking maybe a Cane Creek 40, unless anyone knows taller that fits (not a King, too expensive!).

    the bike climbs amaaaazing btw, and i don’t mean just “for a 150mm AM bike” i mean really better than my Top Fuel did. if you can keep pedals off the ground.. which is another thing taller front might help.


    and this is what i probably should have bought (anyone with a 150mm fork who wants to ride this bike downhill :p):

    might put this on top as well, not sure it achieves much though, just looks stupid?

    lol at CC 40/110 year warranties. love the bike but don’ think i’ll be riding it in 10..

    OK – looks good. Nice one. Cheers for that.

    So the low BB can cause issues hey? So maybe go for some 165mm cranks?

    chillidave – The On-One Smoothie has a 15mm bottom stack so the a2C height should be the same as with a 170mm fork indeed and like you say, I should get a slightly higher BB…win, win 😀


    on-one smoothie would work and cheaper, but i’m a headset snob :p

    i wouldn’t have a 170-180mm fork AND the tall headset, i’m only guessing, but you’d probably slacken too much and hurt the lovely climbing. on-one spec a 160 lyric + tallish headset lower stack (someone check this?) on their built EG and this should be good all round.
    btw i think they should make clear that a 150mm fork is on the short side for this frame so don’t do what i did :p

    yes short cranks, but that’s another can of worms. 170mm here, have thought about 165mm too.. i prefer them anyway for knee reasons but yes would suit the low bb sure. + thin pedals of course 🙂

    if this all sounds very anal (5mm here and there) that’s because it is.. also the bike feels so good right away you may find yourself making fine adjustments right away.

    No – sorry, didn’t make myself clear; Was just pointing out that the angles with the 5mm bottom stack Hope and 180mm fork should be pretty much the same as the recommended (by On-One) 15mm bottom stack Smoothie and 170mm fork (as pointed out by chillidave).

    Just looked at the crankset that will probably be going on and they’re 170mm..better than 175 I guess

    Well it was pretty much down to the NP Mega and the EG but have made up my mind now. El Guapo it is!


    ok cool, so you’ll end up with about 20mm higher front than me, i can’t do the trig but maybe around 8mm higher BB also.. should be good downhill and still climb nice i think 🙂
    Would love to compare actually i can’t afford longer fork right now, but nice to know it’s a frame that can do anything really.
    Not sure if you’ve pulled trigger already, check my complains/ideas over here
    that there’s no showstoppers for you.

    No – haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Got the fork and wheels should be next week

    Then hopefully frame next month. But what’s the chances of them not having my size/colour when I’m ready to order…

    Just got a Hone Crankset with 175mm cranks…lets hope that 180mm fork does lift the BB a bit then…


    Bumpy Posty..

    Am eyeing up a 2013 El Guapo.. From what I’ve looked at on the Geometry the BB heigh is only 2mm lower than my 2011 REmedy. Are they causing people problems being low??

    I’m looking at running a 150mm fork too.. (tapered) any ideas on headset choice? Understand the frame is a 1.5″ top and bottom?
    Anyone running a 150mm fork? thoughts, feedback?

    Also Sizing: I’m 5ft9 and leg 31″.. Medium frame??


    Are you a blind rider or planning on only riding at night?


    wait i get it, he’s saying they’re ugly. give it a break hora. at least i have a real complaint, which (early niggles with seattube etc aside) is that the bike does not seem to match the geo spec. chart (if there even is a 2013 chart?) at all. the bb of at least early 2013 models is coming out at 12.6-12.8 ish inches and that’s not changing much with a 160mm fork.. no comments from On-one on whether this is fixed, it’s supposed to be like that, or we’re all somehow measuring them wrong!

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