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  • theflatboy

    moots seatpost, anyone?


    i’ve an old syncros one. comfort, no you won’t notice many diference really as the force is in compression, it will give a little for and aft what with the beinding and all, carbon is fine, i’ve seen one broken ti and one broken carbon in all me years – if it’s cheap get it, but check qaulity of the saddle clampy bit – that’s the bit that brakes in the cheap ones.


    does On one still have the cheap FSA carbon ones?

    cant see pics at work, but i can guess what andyP’s posted…………


    I have used a USE Alien and now have a Moots Layback (like in the picture :D)
    Both are good but I think the Moots is noticably more “compliant” as well as being tarty!!
    I picked my Moots up off here for 80 odd quid and am very happy with it but I would say the USE was OK too for half the price.
    Its been a while since I used a carbon one so wouldn’t like to make a comparison.


    Kent Eriksen does a really nice ti post. Simple design, up to 420mm, about 20mm layback and works very well. Couldn’t reccomend it highly enough. And it looks beautiful.

    hmmm ok but we aren’t addressing the matching collar and cuffs problem ?
    I think the moots may be a wee bit too expensive


    I bought a Ti one off ebay a while ago, and whilst it was more comfy than the thomson I had, I bent it so it wouldn’t drop down into my frame. Turned out to be a case of buy cheap buy twice

    I need a new post 380mm or longer with just a little layback and was wondering about a titanium one for comfort. Does it really make much difference? and more importantly is it gonna look crap with black stem and bars ? 😉 (I have silver middleburn cranks mind)

    There are some cheapish ones on ebay

    or there is carbon but it scares me a little and I get the impression putting my saddle up and down wont be a good idea

    or there is a boring black alu one on crc

    all opinions welsome as I seem incapable of making a simple decision today

    haha, i did the opposite, bought expensive (EA70) bent it, bought cheep (titec knock DH) havent bent it.

    No much of a weight penalty over a thompson, similar clamp, better warrenty, half the price!

    Tempted by the control tech stuff, just because it looks as good as thompson, but weighs less.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I must say it’s good to see Moots taking that much trouble with their packaging.

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