Titanium Road Bikes – Van Nicholas Euros V's Engima Eclipse

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  • Titanium Road Bikes – Van Nicholas Euros V's Engima Eclipse
  • Daniel

    Looking at upgrading the frame on my road bike to titanium. Price etc.. makes these two look like the most likely contenders. Anyone got one? What do you think?

    Or is there something else out there?


    Something else…

    I’d go carbon over Ti every day of the week. Especially for spendy bike frames.

    Reason? I think Ti is over-rated, and carbon can do everything that Ti can and more.
    Only my opinion, and not an attempt to slag off Ti…

    I’ve got both carbon & Ti. I wouldn’t rate one over the other. My Van Nick is an Aeolus: It is a great bike and does everthinhg I ask of it. I don’t know how it compares to the Euros, but most people seem to be quite happy with the brand.

    If you want it to race on then you’ll more likely be better off with a carbon frame.

    Or for the same price/less than those ti frames, you could get yourself something custom build in steel if you know what you’re after.


    Ti appeals because of its life span. It will need to last and I can keep on upgrading it over time. Plus I like the look of skinny tubes and I don’t think they’ll date like a carbon frame. I’m tempted by a carbon frame but I’m worried that I’ll want whatever’s the latest thing in a few years time.


    I have a carbon road bike (Cube GTC Agree) and a Van Nicholas Amazon. the latter is, ostensibly, my tourer. I’d say the Agree feels a bit sharper and quicker and it’s the one I take out when I’m “training” or wanting to feel the speed.

    The Amazon is comfier and more suited to longer days in the saddle (though I’ve done 12 hrs on the Agree too). With a set of skinny tyres, it doesn’t lose much in performance terms either.


    I’m tempted by a carbon frame but I’m worried that I’ll want whatever’s the latest thing in a few years time.

    Your Ti frame will date at least as fast as a carbon frame, will cost more and will cost more to repair or replace.

    I’ve got a 10 year old carbon frame that I still ride…

    Ti appeals because of its life span.

    Carbon and steel will last just as long as a titanium frame.

    Infactm judging by these forums, titanium frames seem to be the ones that tend to break the most.

    Steel is stronger, and cheaper/easier to repair if it does go all wrong.

    Premier Icon Kuco

    Almost brought an Enigma Echo but I got a great deal on a Cannondale super six carbon. I’ve been really happy with the Cannondale but I still look on the Enigma web site.

    For what it’s worth I’ve got an Enigma Ego ti hardtail that i’m very very happy with.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Ti makes nice frames, maybe not the lightest or best for the money, but if you like/want ti, that may not be a priority.

    The latest carbon frame will date more quickly.

    You may want a test ride, not all ti frames are the same.

    What cynical say,s.
    Van Nich Misty here and apart from shifters it,s ace so far.
    Best vfm are VN!
    Carbon if not worried the pants off every time you lay it down, can I’m sure ride very nice but is overkill for most training imo.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    I have a Yukon – perfect for my commute and stiff enough for light touring.

    1.6kg though so I have a lighter frame for road rides.

    Carbon if not worried the pants off every time you lay it down, can I’m sure ride very nice but is overkill for most training imo.

    What are you on about?


    My question is what do you want to do with the bike?

    I guess I’m lucky in that I have a selection to draw upon; in my current road stable I have two Ti frames and three CF frames.

    One Ti is my old time trialling frame that I’ve had for 6 years and clocked all my PBs on.

    T’other is an Enigma etape which is my winter ‘hack’. 22lbs with guards but so nice to ride on and it ain’t going to slowly dissolve, unlike my various retired 531 road frames.

    If you’re only looking at one frame and want speed then I’d probably lean towards CF. If you’re after comfort and/or can run multiple bikes, then I’d definitely recommend Ti.

    Can’t comment on Van Nick but as the owner of two Omega/Enigma frames, I’d suggest looking at Justin Burls. Nowt wrong with Enigma but Burls will do custom builds for less money and people I know who have one have been very impressed.

    I really like my Van Nic Eurus – built up with campag chorus & campag shamals. It is really light and is a responsive ride compared to my elderly trek madone which just feels sluggish in comparison. IMO the van nic eurus is a great off the peg Ti bike.


    I am running into this choice at the moment.

    For me 2 weeks ago I found a crack in the seat tube of my Ti road frame 🙁 While I am looking whether it can be welded I am not sure I want to do this as its the tube which is cracked not a joint/weld.

    What I do know is my next frame will use a collar to clamp the post and not a weld on clamp.

    I am looking at carbon but as said it is more a race frame than an all day ride. I also own an OCLV mtb frame which is way over 10 yrs old and still my main hard tail ride. I love it great feeling only down side now is it can’t run disks and that how things change. A road frame will stay pretty much the same one guesses.

    VN is what I am looking at for my replacement I think.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I have had a 2007 Euros for coming up to six-years, built up with Ultegra, Easton carbon forks, Mavic Aksiums Conti GP 4000’s and the standard Van Nicholas build of the time. Never had any problems. It is light and stiff and feels both fast and comfortable. Fast enough in time trials (For me anyway…) and has been comfy on my longest rides (150k).


    If I had the money I would drive down to Enigma in Sussex and get a custom fit, stunning bikes.


    2011 Euros here, love it! My carbon Guerciotti is faster, but for an all day ride the Euros is perfect.


    All the info you could want and doubtless lots you don’t on various bike and frame vendors here:



    rewski – Member

    If I had the money I would drive down to Enigma in Sussex and get a custom fit, stunning bikes.

    As I said earlier, I have two of theirs but I’d strongly consider Burls.

    Oh and last time I spoke to Mr Riley, they were on a 5 month lead time for custom Enigma Ti…………….

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    If I were buying an Enigma currently I’d be lookign at one of these;


    although it’s quite a lot of money…

    Really happy with my Van Nic Mistral. Thing to remember about all the lower price Ti frames (Lynskey Cooper included, even though its about 1300 quid for the frame)is that they are made from plain gauge tubes. Butted tubes are a good deal more expensive. Van Nic are also a lot cheaper on a full build than Enigma, even though they both source frames from taiwan. Ti bikes look great, even if they cannot compete with carbon in absolute performance terms.

    Premier Icon charliemort

    I have a 7 year old Ti bike (litespeed Teramo) which still looks up to date and frame looks like new. Thought of that or Specialized Tarmac / Roubaix – which I bet would both look completely dated by now – if you worry about that sort of thing. Suspect it has a resale value too, which I doubt a 7 year old carbon bike would

    Carbon is lighter and possibly stiffer though

    ride wise it is great and felt “springier” than the Tarmac I tried – but that was a long time ago

    a friend is a 200 mile plus a week rider and has recently built up a Ti bike and prefers to the multiple carbon bikes he has – fwiw. Finds it smooth and especially quiet


    Have carbon, steel, and Ti frames. All good bikes that I really like, I ride the steel and Ti bikes mostly. The Ti frames look as good as the day of purchase. The carbon is 4 years old and starting two look dated and a bit scruffy round the edges. The steel frame looks well used for it’s to years. Whenever I clean the Ti bikes the just come up looking bloody beautiful again.

    Am planning a new frame just cannot get away from looking at all the Ti stuff. Some of the carbon frames look and are great but those skinny tubes and under stated bead blast decals…..breath man breath.

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Ti frames won’t look any more dated in a years time as they already look dated anyway, however you could also argue it’s a classic timeless look. I’d still go carbon unless it was for a winter or touring bike and then you’re much more likely to be able to get a decent frame with the eyelets etc on than you are with carbon. I’d go Enigma over VN to.

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