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  • footstomper

    Has anyone had one of these or know someone who has? I would like to know what the quality is like!!!!!!
    They look pretty good but the picture could be of one which has been built for photographic purpose.
    Cheers 🙂


    No idea. My Brodie Holeshot Ti is lovely though.

    It’s for sale too, if you’re interested. 😉

    Just buy one of these, similar cost and you get the warranty !


    No idea. My Brodie Holeshot Ti is lovely though.

    It’s for sale too, if you’re interested.
    What Size is the frame?

    Just buy one of these, similar cost and you get the warranty !

    I have been looking at these but they are £799 a bit more than I really wanted to spend. Looks great though 😀

    They are really really worth the money? Go on treat yourself for Christmas


    alternatively, take a punt on one in the classifieds… like i did.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    In a continuing theme I too have a Ti456 from the classifieds. It’s ace 🙂

    Though it’s Lynskey made, so doubtless I’ll die in a bizarre gardening accident or something.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I’d have the Brodie if I was looking and it fitted.

    It’s here: http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/fs-185-l-brodie-holeshot-ti-frame-rolling-chassis-pics

    I’m just under 6ft and definitely wouldn’t want it any smaller.

    Regardless of whether you’re interested or not, it is the most fun hardtail I’ve ridden – they are quite brilliant. It’s been replaced by a Solaris (very capable bike too) which is more comfortable riding out the door and over the flatlands to the better riding – it’s a compromise I made with the better half when moving recently; I wouldn’t sell otherwise.

    To give it some context I bought the Brodie while owning a Five, and sold the Five; the crossover was too much. I intended to get a longer travel bike (and still do) to replace the Five as a ‘big mountain’ bike but never got round to it. For a hardtail, the Brodie is insanely adaptable.

    Drop me a line if you want to know more. 😉

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    That J&L looks to be the same as my original Ti hardtail frame, lovingly known in STW circles as “Onion”.

    If it is, then they are made in the same factory as Airborne/Van Nicholas were (and maybe still are).

    Would I buy another? Absolutely. In fact, I’m currently considering a 29er from J&L.


    I hummed and harred about one last year, although it seemed reasonably cheap it didn’t tick all the other important boxes such as wheel size, geo and general styling. Then I saw the Kinesis Sync prototype and that was it, had it since the summer and haven’t stopped smiling since.

    i have an 18″ hummer 2006 vintage doing little at the moment…………

    i have an 18″ hummer…



    Thanks for the replies. I already have a Titanium MTB Bike which I built up myself after purchasing in the classifieds 🙂

    It is a small frame around 15″ / 16″ Max that I need for someone else so not so many about in the classified section, will keep looking 😀


    And a very nice looking workshop too! It puts my disorganised mess to shame (hangs head, wanders outside to tidy workshop)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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