Tissington trail, what level of fitness?

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  • Tissington trail, what level of fitness?
  • Premier Icon dawson

    its smooth easy paths. If you start at Parsley Hay its slight descent to Tissington and then (obviously) slight incline back to Parsley Hay.

    Its about 10 miles each way

    Me and my kids did it earlier this year – they are 9 and 10.

    some photos are on this old thread – http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/red-nose-day-charity-bike-ride-tissington-trail

    Never gonna get a disused railway that’s too hard tbh

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Slightly tougher if there’s a strong headwind but easy otherwise

    Yeah, got to agree with rd – hadn’t factored for the wind – can be a right bugger up there!

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    My misses did it from Ashbourne to the High Peak Trail and back with zero riding before hand (she was insistant) and was in tatters with lactic burn all evening after.
    Think that total mileage there and back was 24 miles. Nice an easy if you have any miles in your legs and is virtually dead flat surfaced path!

    So it was not too bad from Ashbourne. Looking at the geography and would be better for me to start at Ashbourne cus I will be coming from the Midlands.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    There’s a hill just after the tunnel leaving Ashbourne, but that’s the only one. Most of it is in a cutting so not too windy. Refreshment kiosk a few miles up at Tissington, then a Cafe at Parsley Hay.


    Definitely start from Ashbourne – it’s slightly uphill to Parsley Hay, so slight you don’t register the gradient. But, it’s enough of a gradient to mean the return leg is easy on tired legs.

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    My memory is hazy but isn’t the very start a 1:8 hill though? Or is that another trail?


    High peak trail has the 1 in 8

    Just wondered if anyone has experienced the Tissington trail. The other half is not the most competent cyclist and wondered how difficult is was. Any feedback will be appreciated.


    You need no skill or experience whatsoever. Generally full of families, with kids wandering about all over the place.

    You might want to think about doing the loop around Carsington Water as an alternative, though that can also get stupidly busy.

    For something a bit quieter do the high peak trail and start at Middleton Top to avoid the climb up from Cromford. There’s just one shortish climb to do from there. You can also go to the much improved Rising Sun at Middleton for something to eat, or the Royal Oak up at Hurdlow (Just after Parsley Hay). Both great pubs (the latter is better).

    All the starts are within 7 miles or so of each other.

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    Yep, it’s the High Peak that has the 1 in 8, I forgot about it and had to tow my daughters trailer up!


    Cromford up to Middleton Top on the High Peak trail is the steep climb.

    EDIT: Sorry, Crell already said that.

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