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    Hey buddy, Same for me aged 50. Had a bad time gassing out while on holiday to Dolomites – Same symptoms, and same diagnosis. That was last September. I’ve done 6 months of Chemo, ( 6 sessions ) and im 3 weeks out of Surgery to remove part of my Bowel & duodenum. Doctors have removed all cancerous tissue and taken a clear boarder too. just got to wait now to see if that’s clear
    Amazing how 1 sentence can change your life.


    A couple of weeks on, bloods from doctors came back negative, although doctor seemed a bit perplexed as if he was expecting something he wants to do another batch next month, I did remind him I do cycle but im no blood transfusion cheat…..

    Being more aggressive with my cycle home from work not to work as I wear my shirt trousers to cycle in as it’s only 3-5 miles route depending and no changing facilities at work. Cut out all snacking although proving tricky with my oh she just snacks all the time, it’s a bit cruel but I’ve moved one of my days off so we don’t have 2 days a week together. Did a road ride today 30miles and feel ok, although I’m not velo fit for next week which is disappointing.

    Luckily my work pattern got worse but then better which seems to of helped, I feel less tired than I did but had no more weight loss which is disappointing hoping 2 weeks on things will be better!

    I do know I need a more road comfy bike my road today was painful in the lower back at times, off to look for a cheap last years roubaix or similar bike..


    LMT – there is a protocol to follow for “tired all the time” Its a lot of blood tests so perhaps your gp did not do the full set first time

    IIRC its full blood count, white cell count. Test for inflammotory markers, liver function tests, thyroid function tests and some vitamin levels

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