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  • Tips for fitting an angleset?
  • Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’ve just taken delivery of a nice new angleset and will probably be fitting it tomorrow night.

    Now normally pressing a headset in isn’t much of a problem, but obviously I want to get this one in properly aligned.

    I’m thinking pop the cups in the freezer and warm the headtube to make things easier to fit may help, but has anyone got any other tips? Especially one for accurately determining the dead on front centre of the head tube?


    mark the a line on the centre of your headtube to align the cups to. it doesn’t matter if it’s not absolutely perfect.
    human beings aren’t either.


    I’ve installed 4 of them now. Only other tip is install top and bottom cups separately. I find it easier than doing them together. Cups in freezer and hot water over the head tube helps if it’s not carbon!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I was really precious first time. Second time I just did pretty much what GW says. Then rubber malleted the cups in because my headset tool always rotated them. Done 4 now I think and that’s all it needs. The Works ones have a pair of marks on so you can whack a straight edge on it easily to check.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Yep as above hammer them in!

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    Don’t bother with a headset press, rubber mallet and eyeball it in.


    Fine adjustments can be made later with 2′ Stillson.


    Works one has notches in. I did one at a time by eye with DIY press, cups greased up first. Bike now turns left brilliantly…


    🙂 at Scruff.

    I’ve only done one – a works one – found the notches sort of helped but they were hidden from view when using the headset press. They should laser etch the alignment line on and further down the cup. Cups were super tight.

    Also did one at a time and sort of shimmed the press becasue of the angle of the face on the cup. Once the first one is in, second is easier.

    Worth measuring and marking a centre line of top tube and head tube for good alignment.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Well that was easier to fit than I expected, seems nice and smooth without play.

    Of slight concern, the steerer is very close to flush with the top of the Stem clamp, it appears it gets just enough compression using the Works top cap as it has a very shallow lip around the edge, but I’m tempted to see if I can either locate a 1~2mm spacer to go under the stem, or maybe a shallower stem so I can put a normal spacer on top.

    But yes, I seem to have been unduly concerned about precision… cheers all

    Check out the article on bikeradar from yesterday?

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    shifter – Member
    Fine adjustments can be made later with 2′ Stillson.


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