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  • Tip if you’ve bought Thule Wingbar Evos
  • igm
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    The rubber strips are a sight easier to fit with Silicon Shine.

    (30 minutes for one bar, 30 seconds for the other)

    And cut them with a decent knife after fitting.

    The instructions are rubbish

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    I just did. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what to do with the strip so I watched a YT vid and the guy split the strip down the middle and swapped the halves around. This worked perfectly and easily but is absolutely not in the instructions I had. It’s as if the strip has been recently changed but the instructions haven’t been updated.

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    I use candle wax – just rub a candle on the bar, voila.

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    Never admit you read the instructions 🙂

    But, I think it might be in the instructions 🙂 if one was to read them, after trying for 30 mins, of course.

    Why they (Thule) can’t fit them with the bars ? It’s not like you will decide you want them shorter or need to fit something to them first like the old Wingbar.

    Don’t start me on the price of a replacement bit of plastic that covers the foot (that I lost) and then the fact I have to buy a replacement  lock set..

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    Why they (Thule) can’t fit them with the bars ?

    Cost. You’re already prepared to put the things together, so an extra step is no big deal (assuming it’s properly documented) but they’d probably need a big extra step in their production line and probably in this case a human step which would push the price of the product up noticeably.

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    I didn’t think you needed to cut the rubber with the new Evo bars? I know you did with the previous versions.

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    Glad I was not the only one who had to watch YouTube to see what you needed to do with the rubber. I got mine at Christmas and already the rubber has started to tear at the edges of one bar from the frequent adding/removing of my carrier. Looked up a replacement and it’s about £20 for a new rubber strip! Think I will leave it for now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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