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  • Time to stand down from duty
  • Premier Icon Underhill
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    Just wanted to share a link to an article about my cousin and some of her life. She finished her fight with cancer at the weekend. Although she didn’t win, she showed incredible strength & positivity in battling for life and enjoying it


    Premier Icon bearnecessities
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    Let me be the first to park any DM comments now.

    Thanks Underhill for sharing; condolences and I’m sure you’re proud. A lot could learn a little from people like your cousin.

    Best Wishes, Rich

    Premier Icon Coyote
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    She sounds quite a lady. You must be proud to know her. I would be.

    Premier Icon Swelper
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    RIP my thoughts go out to you and your family.

    Words seem meaningless during these times, when life deals a bad hand

    I too have lost a close friend to cancer, 41 with a husband an two young children

    Such a cruel loss

    Premier Icon takisawa2
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    Lost for words so just to say how sorry I am to read this.
    Take care.

    Premier Icon Underhill
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    Thanks, on behalf of her family, for your thoughts. I have to admit that, although our families were close when we were younger, time moves us apart and in recent years the only contact I had with her really was through Facebook.

    But I was always impressed by her determination that she wasn’t just going to give in, even when she lost Mike, or when the doctors told her more bad news. It makes me think how often I, we, take for granted our health, the opportunities to enjoy it and how I often squander the time I have.

    Some fight & win, some fight & lose. The important thing is that we fight.

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    RIP x2…

    At least they are together now…

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Found this fitting tribute – https://www.gov.uk/government/fatalities/acting-sergeant-michael-lockett-mc-killed-in-afghanistan

    Got no other words.

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