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  • Time to pop my racing cherry! Edinburgh/Borders
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    What sort of racing? XC etc or enduro stuff? Glentress Seven was mint for the last 2 years, for endurance xc


    Keep riding and riding, group or solo, and am finding the desire to race for proper harder to ignore.

    Possibly a vanity project to judge ability against others, possibly a venture to provide a goal to aim towards.

    Either way, what to do? I’ll have to use the SS Inbred in any case ’cause that’s my bike.

    Is there much around Edinburgh/Borders that would give me a feel for the experience?


    Hola Northwind, Enduro stuff preferred, but to be fair, if the XC is comparale to the World Champs XC at Fort Bill then happy with that!

    Just want to get stuck in!

    Edit: I have no option than the SS Inbred so it is absolutely not about the bike 😆

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    should be something for you here http://tweedlove.com/

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Tweedlove enduro is full though might have spaces available… Was ace last year. Seems to be a problem with enduros now, they can’t run massive fields like XC so they’re filling up ages in advance. Victim of their success! UKG enduro this weekend at innerleithen likewise is sold out but might have reserve spaces?

    No Fuss are doing one at fort william and one at kinlochleven later in the year… And I think maybe another somewhere else, can’t remember.


    No Fuss one in Perth too isn’t it?

    Paul McG

    Selkirk MTB Marathon – http://www.selkirkmtbmarathon.com (it’s the old ‘Merida’ event, under new management).

    Sat 8th June in, erm, Selkirk.

    Hosting the British Marathon Champs (single lap 80km course) if that’s your bag. We’re also going to throw in a a few informal timed Enduro sections on the ‘normal’ 80km course as well.

    Disclaimer: I’m the organiser.



    b r

    +1 Selkirk

    Plus you get a Sunday locals ride-out too.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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