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  • nick3216

    Anyone have any joy with Mavic X717 rims? Quick search of the forum didn’t show anything up.

    * FWIW one of our bikes has been tubeless since ’97 but that’s UST compatible rims and tyres so all good.


    Hopefully doing mine in the next day or so, whenever I can get around to it.

    Tubeless ready NN’s (Pace Star) with Stans kit.

    Watch this space…

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’ve run the following rims “Ghetto” Tubeless:

    -Mavic EX721
    -Mavic EX729 (x3)
    -Sun Rhyno Lite (Pinned!)
    -24″ Tioga DH
    -24″ DMR DV

    And I bought a used Mavic crossland which it turned out the previous used had butchered by drilling out the valve hole and bolloxing the rim strip, so I now run that ghetto style too

    All of the above with no issues…

    Gaffa tape, 20″ BMX tube, some liquid latex and a compressor (Or a track pump and some manly pumping) and your well away…


    Track pump and manly pumping it is.


    Dare I ask, what tyres? I like Bontrager Jones and I can steal them back from my wife’s bike. How do all my new tyres end up on her wheels?

    Premier Icon jameso

    I leccy-tape and cut-out-valve sealed my 717s using proper UST tyres, Contis and Maxxis, needed some moto-x bead cream to get the tyres on and off once I’d built up the rim bed enough to seal easily though.


    Running ghetto on a f519 and d521. As Jameso, If the bed is built up enough any tyre should work. I run some leccy tape round the rim. Then put the old rim strip back on (ir removeable). That way the bed is nice and high and the tyre goes really tight. Also a general poke through the tape for the valve makes it a stiff fit so it dont pop out when hooking the pump on.

    I found some very cheap Eclipe/DT rim strips which are doing the job on mine. Spent ages trying to find some good double sided tape to stick them down. They’re not happy with Mud-x’s but seem fine with any Maxxis tyres. I’ve tried packing the rimstrips out underneath to get a better seal on the Bontragers, but then they’re an epic struggle to get on.
    I reckon you could go at it with some maxxis tyres, some chopped out presta valves and 4+ layers of gaffer tape. Would go for at least 6 layers for Bontrager ones, but have a play as they’re all different!


    Nick, did my 717’s earlier…bit of info here

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