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  • Time to change car insureance provider.Who do you reccommend?
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    If you shop at Sainsbury’s and have a nectar card it is worth looking at Sainsbury’s Insurance, Mrs W is with them and we haven’t had any problems, insurance cover includes business use as well – which is nice. The quote we got was the cheapest one we had seen


    For me the cheapest quotes came from Admiral, Admiral Bell, Direct Line (separate search on this one) and Liverpool Victoria (something like that …)

    I just went for Admiral then later on Direct Line gave me a quote cheaper but I was already with Admiral.

    Just renewed my van and car last month…

    Some of them say they don’t go on the scraper sites – e.g. Direct Line. I think possibly Tesco (who I was with until this year) aren’t on scraper sites either – which is maybe the case for a lot of the supermarket banks…M&S, Sainsburys etc.

    Having tried them all, I got by far the cheapest premiums on the scraper sites…early 40s, NCB for ever, no points, one named driver (spouse also with clean license and no claims).


    Aviva through quidco, £70 cash back, a great policy, 5* defacto rated.


    Phone round all the larger ones* (mentioned above), don’t bother IMO with any comparison sites unless you want your details spammed across the net and a cheap insurance quote that comes from a company with 0 good reviews but hundreds of bads uns… All IMHO of course

    *even then it surprising the differences you can find


    I tried all the comparison sites this time around and the cheapest by far was Aviva. Bought it through topcashback which saved another £67.

    Premier Icon chaos

    Adrian Flux if your car has any modifications.
    NFU Mutual are also direct sale only, are very highly rated (by Which) and despite the name don’t just insure farmers.

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    I’m with Frizzell (Liv Vic) though I think they only do cover for member organisations (I’m in CSMA just to get the insurance), so it doesn’t help if you’re not in one and can’t join – always worth checking though as it’s a lot cheaper as the next best option, and cover is apparently pretty decent.

    That also came up cheapest on the comparison sites, though I get a better rate than they give.

    Hi i am just about to change insurance provider’s as my current one has upped my premiums by around £180 quid for no apparent reason other than banking on me not looking around for much cheaper quote’s.I have been on the usual site’s(go compare,direct line etc) but just want to know if there is any others i can try.cheers

    To add, I didn’t automatically go with the “cheapest” quote! (as it was often someone I’d never heard of). I just went with the best quote from what I felt was a “reputable” insurer.

    Esure not only cheap but when I wrote off my mx5 money in my bank a week later no questions and pretty much full value. I really rate them.


    Phoning my then-current insurer knocked £25 off the renewal quotation straight away, so that’s usually worth a try. Didn’t end up going with them though, because the Post Office were about the same but also running an over-50s(!) “we’ll beat your renewal quote by £50” promo, bringing the insurance down to about £100 fully comp*. Scraper sites were OK too, all about the same level or thereabouts. I’d agree with some of the above, don’t go absolute cheapest unless they’ve some decent history.

    *If you want low insurance costs, be old, have a clean licence for ages, loads of NCD, a dull car and live rural!

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    johnners – Member
    *If you want low insurance costs, be old, have a clean licence for ages, loads of NCD, a dull car and live rural!

    That’s me, Mazda 6 TS2 diesel estate = £185 a year FC

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    Renewed mine a couple of months ago.

    I played about with the voluntary excess thing, it cost no more to have £ZERO voluntary excess than it odd to have £150 voluntary excess.

    Why would you offer to pay additional excess if you don’t need to?

    Try Brentacre. I’ve insured a couple of modified cars through them for less than all other companies were charging for the standard car. They insure standard stuff too though.

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    I just saved £80 on last years premium by switching to Privilege.

    And then I saved £95 on my breakdown cover by ringing the RAC and asking what the best price would be rather than their renewal price – so they just halved it. WTF!


    Going via Confused (or whoever) cheapest was Admiral, went to Admirals site direct and got the price even lower by removing the added extras.

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    there are so many underwriting variables (postcode analysis alone is so much better than it was a few years ago, not to mention car, licence, claim data..) that the only way is to really hammer all the comparisons and direct only sites, then phone the best option and see if they’ll go lower (as per Weasel)

    if someone you’ve never heard of quotes lower than everyone else, some scepticism is quite reasonable


    I got a good price from Direct Line. They also have smaller admin charges- Churchill charged me £62 a couple of years ago for a simple change of address (independent of any change in premium related to the postcode).

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