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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Mavic 719’s can be used tubeless in the same way as most of the Stans.
    Just wrap some of the yellow tape round the rim and seat the tyre.

    I have ardent EXO’s and Minions on various mavic rims.

    There are plenty of threads on here but best tips are –
    Find a mate who has done it before
    Find a friendly LBS

    You will need yellow tape (or other)
    Maybe a rim strip

    A good source of air and a spray bottle with washingup liquid solution.


    I,ve been riding for some time, I’ve seen things come and go……. I toyed with the idea of tubeless a decade ago but the thought of plugging a hole in the tyre seemed more absurd than patching up a tube.

    So, having stumbled upon some FlowEX rims from moonglu at a very reasonable price I’m wondering whether now is the time to move into the next century,

    Questions are,
    Do I strip my old wheels utilise my gold hope hubs and just buy the rims ? Get them built up properly ?
    Will my high rollers seal ? They aren’t tubeless specific in fact they are wired and nigh on impossible to get on and off
    Same question re minions again not UST oh and wired
    Shall I buy the complete set as seen advertised and flog my mavic 719 rims on evilblag

    Thanks in advance


    You can do it on 719s. I did. I bought some 25mm gorilla tape some valves and some Stan’s. I also found larger co2 carts easier to use to pump up. Currently using old bonty Jones xr tyres but after riding to work a few times found that I was getting so many glass cuts and needing new tyres. Hot an ignitor lust on the front and larsen tt lust on the back.

    I have a 719 and spesh purgatory on the front running tubeless.


    If it is that you just want to go tubeless [and not that you would like new wheels;)] then the 719s would would fine. I converted a set of 717s with rim strips and they worked just as well as my current 819 UST rims. The rim strips can be bought pretty cheap and are a more convenient option than tape and valves. Maxxis tyres always worked well with sealant.

    If you go for new rims, I would just sell your current set of wheels and buy a new set. It makes more sense with the cost of wheel builds and new spokes.

    I also spent a long time thinking about going tubeless. However, one beautiful evening, on the best descent in my local area, I got 4 punctures. The next day I went tubeless. I have not had any punctures since (touch wood). Do it. You will not regret it.

    b r

    If you are a heavy rider and/or ride hard then Flow’s are good, otherwise look at Crests.

    Easiest way in is a Hope Hoop set and new tyres – although expensive.

    Your current rims can be made tubeless, both Stans and Joes do rimstrips. I wouldn’t bother re-rimming as it’ll work out dearer than new wheels minus sell old wheels.

    And you’ll need new tyres, prefer kevler beads.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    I have tubeless set ups on DT swiss and mavic rims, all with standard tires and rims, nothing tubeless specific. Stans rim strip set with Singletrack bottle-o’-pop homemade compressor, easy peasy. No need to sell your existing stuff at all. In fact, I bet if you clean the tires they’ll be fine too.

    For the first time, watch the stans video on his site, follow it exactly. Once you’ve got the hang you can adopt your own process..

    Premier Icon ceepers

    i just went tubeless. its brilliant so far!

    Front is a schwalbe nobby nic on a mavic 319. went up first go with valves and yellow rim strip

    rear is a nobby nic on a cheap alex fd19 rim, i ended up using a bmx inner tube as per ghetto set up to get it to seal except i put a presta valve through a slit in it rather than using the schrader on the bmx tube.


    worked a treat and was pretty straight forward. Both went up with a track pump


    I’m tubeless on two bikes – both running 719s incidentally.

    I don’t bother with the yellow tape nonsense – I’ve just wrapped the rims in layers of electrical tape.

    You do need the special valves – most places do Presta valves with a little grommet that keeps them in place, but I habitually break them. I’ve sourced a couple of Schraeder valves but everywhere is out of stock right now.

    I’ve run Ardents in the past with great results but currently I’m running Rubber Queens on the AM bike and Spesh Storms on the XC bike. The Spesh 2Bliss tyres are amazing, they seal and inflate first time with a couple of blasts on the track pump.

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