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  • Time for a new phone, what network?
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    Phone is few years old now and been on a monthly sim plan for a while now. Reckon Im going to get a new phone not sure what network.
    Been on t-mobile/ee for a while as they didnt charge for going over data limit. Mostly on wifi so its not really an issue so thinking to see what the other networks can offer.
    Thinking of going to 3 as they have the samsung s5 pretty cheap and I can use my allowance abroad for no extra cost. I know roaming charges should be gone in the next 2 years but for now its a handy inclusion
    Anyone got any extra info or experience?

    Premier Icon cp
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    general experience is a bit useless for phones…

    get a few free SIMs and see which have the best signal/fastest data in the areas you use it.

    Premier Icon steeble
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    General experience would be useful.
    No point in wasting my time on free sims as would most likely have to pay to unlock my phone to use them
    Live in a city and as I said Im mostly on wifi so most of the time there will be no issues most of the time.
    Thought this would be a good place to ask if anyone knew of pros and cons to certain networks

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    3 don’t have roaming access in as many countries as some other networks – you would probably be OK in most “mainstream” places, but nothing at all in others – depends how “off the beaten track” your travels take you.

    Premier Icon cp
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    I’ve been with all the networks for personal and work – they are much of a muchness, some better in some areas, others better in others.

    Note that three’s free roaming guff is for data and calls/texts to UK numbers ONLY, i.e. if you’re in france, a call or text to a french number won’t be free.

    I still prefer the buy phone out-right and SIM only approach. Three do good value PAYG as well if you’re not a heavy user (3p/min, 2p text, 1p/mb data). work out your average use and you may be surprised that it’s good value.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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