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  • Timber Bell – a short review
  • easily

    “alright, you only need to ding once!”

    That’s what concerned me. I’ve never yet had a bell that satisfies pedestrians: they’re too loud/too quiet/don’t sound like a bike bell/ make them jump …
    I fear this would just annoy people in a slightly different way.

    Premier Icon NewRetroTom

    I got my band on bell a couple of days ago and used it on the ride to work this morning. Seems pretty good. Band does allow some slippage, but still easy to stablilise the bell with thumb while switching it on/off with a finger.
    Wish I had had it on my other bike for the pre-breakfast ride where I got bitten by a dog this morning. It was the kind of incident that the bell could have prevented – woman walking up the track who I saw from quite a way back but who didn’t hear me until her dog charged out of the bushes and bit me on the calf. If she had known I was there she would perhaps have been able to control her dog/it might not have reacted in the same way if not taken by surprise.

    Premier Icon jeffl

    So I’ve used mine a couple of times now. I ordered the band on but received the bolt on which based on the comments above I’m happy about.

    I use a track that has lots of walkers, doggers and horse riders on, to get out to the edge of the Peak District. Generally it’s worked really well and people have heard me coming from a way back. Do have to give the bars a wiggle sometimes to ensure people have heard you.

    Only issue I’ve had once was a couple of dogs kept following me, chasing is too strong a word they were soft as anything, until I turned the bell off. I can only assume that they had a toy at home that also had a ring to it.

    So overall 👍

    Premier Icon syncro

    A great bit of kit. After being unsure about the band on version due to some of the comment I bought the bolt on version. It definitely changes how people respond to you out on the busy trails at the moment. I guess that it’s because you’re not taking them by surprise.
    Didn’t take long to perfect the ‘bar shake’ technique on smoother trails either.
    It’s not cheap but it’s a nicely made quality item.
    I assumed that I’d only be switched it on when approaching people of on blind corners but the sound it makes is not at all intrusive so I just leave it on most of the time.
    All in all I’m pleased enough with it that I’ll be buying another for my other bike.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    I’ve had mine on for a few weeks now. It’s a lot more polite than a traditional bell and has managed to extract a few smiles from people when they see the bar wiggle. All positive except for one miserable old duffer.

    On a section of quite overgrown and disused bridelway, I came out into a bit of a clearing from some trees, old duffer 20 metres away coming towards me, I stop to make room for us to pass safely with a polite “Afternoon!”

    His reply was along the lines of “This is a footpath! Shouldn’t be on a bike!”

    “It’s a bridelway.”

    “Hmmmf! You should have a bell on that bike!”

    “I have.” Wiggles bars, ting-a-ling!

    “Well I can’t hear it, I’m deaf anyway!”




    To those who asked,

    1, Can fix a loose bell by installing a Tiny ziptie around the wire that holds/just above the ‘dinger’, this takes up the slack when switched off.

    2, a drop of chain oil helps on a stiff thumb switch.

    Cheap versions are available on AliExpress £7 ish.

    Premier Icon TheGhost

    I have been using my Timber Bell all week. I like it. Everyone I’ve meet so far has been ok with it.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Yep, been using mine a while now. I love it.

    Does sound a little,erm, “emasculatiing” but that’s abbot the only “negative.”

    Really pleased with it.

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